Odds And Ends

Just some house cleaning today. And perhaps a couple of lite posts.
First off to those who have added this bit of Naval lint to their blogrolls thank you! There have been a number of new additions to the blogroll on the left side of the page, stop and visit em. They all have some interesting points of view, and some great things to share.
Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog
Clarity & Resolve
Dr Forbush
Dust My Broom
Ice Vikings
Jacob Brothers
Life More Abundant
Middle Age Madness
Mystery Achievement
Mystical Paths
Notes and Musings
Ogres Politics & Views
Okie On The Lam
Overtaken By Events
Pajama Pundits
Rite Turn Only
Secret Life Of Shoes
Sky Watching
Somewhere On A1A
Swanky Conservative
Target Centermass
The Donegal Express
The Royal Flush
Tom Carter’s Notes
Top of My Head
Tragically Normal
Unicow Farm
To them and to all of you who stop by here and have linked to this speedbump on the information highway thank you….you made it possible for me to make it to the ranks of “Marauding Marsupial”. I can’t say thanks enough!
I may also have an interesting little graphic either up above Chris Muir’s daily smile, or it may end up on the right hand side o’ the blog. Initial indications, barring any blogspot hiccups, are looking good for “it” to appear ASAP.
And finally, did I mention my Sweetieheart has her home on the net back in full swing? Go check it out…she is even meaner and more conservative then I am *grin*.


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