An Idea …A Dream…Whose Time Has Come.

This man has visions of being in the oval office. He is a man of passion. A dreamer not afraid to tell it like it is. A man who knows the value of a dollar. Who realizes if you are the big dog, and want to continue being the big dog, then you had better damn well ACT like it.
A man of humble beginnings. A man of simple tastes. A man not looking for the spotlight…but when fate shines it on him…not one to shy away from it. He is the picture of a southern redn…err… southern gentleman.
What makes Rob different from others who have resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

  • If he has sex with an intern there will be no parsing of words…cause SHE will be telling one and all how damn good it was…and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • If there are problems needing to be grappled with HIS TEAM of men and wimmen will rise to the tasks at hand. Brooking no compromise, taking no prisoners. They will get the job done…and done right.

If our Enemies or former friends, or just the putzes with the blue flag up NYC way, get a tad too froggy or whine one more time about America taking it’s rightful place as the standard barer for the free world and western man…..
He has one answer to them all….
“Kiss My Ass And Get Outta My Yard!”
I wonder if there is an opening in his cabinet? Hell, I’ll even bring the booze err…adult beverages, cheese and crackers.


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