Now Is The Time Of Our Discontent

Is Anybody There?
Does Anybody Care?
Can Anybody See What I See?
John Adams “1776”

I haven’t posted anything of note in more than a couple of days. And I am not sure why. It is not a case of burnout, least not in the classic sense of not wanting to put another world on this electric version of paper. Nor is it a case of there being nothing to write about. Look at the antics of the MSM with their glaring disinterest on the Eason Jordan flaylex as one example. Perhaps it is nothing more then wondering if being part of the good fight is enough. Are we really “just talking to our collective selves?”
We are constantly and consistently being bombarded with the same talking heads from the camps of the Democrat/progressive/liberal viewpoint. And it seems the same stalwart voices on the right are always on hand as well. It is as if the lines have been drawn, the players know the parts they play and the words to say, they just await their cue. We seem to be beyond the point of any real civil discourse or even more then a passing glance at any sort of bipartisanship. There is no listening…for neither side cares to hear what the other has to say, and, both sides believe, with good reason.
Though this might work in the short term, one wonders if it is not the beginning of the end for our collective society as we know it. Things can only go on for so long before either the next step must be taken or it all becomes meaningless, a paper tiger. The political center, perhaps the slightly to the right of center, seems to be where the majority in our legislative and executive branches are right now. And a majority of the country is at peace with that. Despite the incessant whining of the all too vocal left and their media lapdogs, this is fact and the numbers back it up.
There are any number of folks on the left who claim to love this country. I would call them liars. What they love and cherish are their ideals and world view. If they loved this country they would honor and abide by the constitution and the laws as they have been set down. There are tools within these same laws and the constitution to seek change, and when used correctly this can be done. Working through, what over the past 140 years has become an increasingly activist judiciary (at all levels) to bring about change, is unconscionable. That the legislative and executive branches (again, at all levels) has allowed this trend not only to continue, but to flourish, damns them, perhaps even more so then the left, for they claim to know better.
And perhaps the most damning of all… us. “We The People”. The rascals on both sides of the aisle are there because we allowed them to be. The actions of the judges across this land, if not stopped outright via the ballet box, could be addressed via referendum. Or a large (enough) ground swell of discontent directed at the local, state, and federal legislative bodies. But “We The People”, especially the body of folks collectively known as the silent majority, did little or nothing.
My wife says this country has become far too comfortable. That, as long as the changes imposed by (for the most part) the left are kept at a bite sized digestible level, we will not get off our ever widening butts to change anything. I fear she is more than a little correct. And in that thought lies the second tool of those who seek to usurp and destroy this country as founded….that dirty little secret called “incrementalism”. It has served the statist and their ilk for many years. The one ray of sunshine is now the party of the left is so far out there…Incrementalism is not fast enough for them any more….they want it all…and they want it all now.
I know the above is going in a couple of directions….and the next post or two may as well…there is a point to all this. The country has always been a collage..a mosaic of ideas, people, attitudes, and actions. But where in the past it was a melting pot…now it seems to be stopping short of that. We used to be Americans first, with a deference to our individual pasts and flavors second. Now we seem to be hyphenated Americans, be it an ethic tag or lifestyle, or even political bent. And this country as a whole is poorer for that.
All the above and more will be looked at….for I feel there in resides the reason I haven’t posted…a denial on my part for what I feel is going on out there. For where this country may be heading…and the direction the world seems to be going as well. Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
In my mind, there is a feeling in the air, not unlike a “Czech spring”. A brief respite in the affairs of men, of state, of the world…before ….I don’t know….

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