Will We Stay The Course?

There has to come a time when a nation blessed as we are takes center stage. Not because we have the “right of Kings”, or even because our exact way of doing things is the only “right and proper way”.
If we, conscious of the benefits, responsibilities, and privileges, being free men and women allow for, fail to not only advance freedom’s noble clarion call, but to provide for the ability of all peoples of the world,to answer that call, we damn ourselves. Hastening our own end, becoming but a self absorbed memory in the history of mankind.
There is evil in the world, which seeks to mute the sound of freedom. It takes many guises. Radical Islam and it’s legions of terror, which pray on the ignorant and or poor to advance their malignancy. Impotent and corrupt nations and the various umbrella collations they seem to unite under. Who when faced with a clear and present danger, either choose to do nothing or elect to appease the sponsor(s) of same.
When these same governments and bodies of the self important seek to denigrate this country and all it stands for, while doing little or nothing to stem the tide of evil or advance the cause of freedom, save for hiding their collectivist heads in the sand, are we not duty bound ….nay, morally bound be it to God or at the very least to all that is noble and good within the spirit of mankind, to meet the evils head on? Instead, almost half of this country seeks to willingly follow their elitist/statist mentality.
If we allow the malcontents and appeasers to gain control of our national will. If we let those who see freedom of the individual suborned to the needs of the state. And let them deter us from our responsibility and duty as leader of the free world to lead the fight against those who seek the end of western civilization and western man. Then, we will quickly take our place in history as “a former superpower”. Our grand experiment will have snuffed itself out. The clear clean air of freedom replaced by the vacuum of selfishness and self absorption. Statist mediocrity vs individuals striving for personal excellence.
So what happens if we falter, give up and let the inmates run the asylum? China (most likely) will have ascended to the throne of the worlds most powerful nation.
Taiwan will be but a memory.
Japan will shift her economic might and political ties toward the country with the most potential buying power. Or perhaps, arm themselves after 60 some years of mutually agreed impotency, because of the growing giant next to them.
The two Koreas will become one. China will *annex* them as a colony with Kim as the puppet leader. Or allow for the *removal* of Kim and the two countries to reunify with the south’s economic engine being the one to bear the brunt of bringing its North Korean half up to speed. This being done while building ties to secure their (China’s)southern flank.
As for Iran, if we are no longer an effective player…then look to Israel to be the ones taking out Iran’s nuclear dreams in very short order. And watch as she deals with the Palestinians. If Israel feels we are no longer able to help her or willing to back her….well, the next war in that region will be far more decisive, and the clear cut victor will be Israel…or she will exist no more. And that will include the use of nuclear weapons at least at the tactical level.
The above scenario is with the presupposition the US does nothing in the short term. If we either allow our hands to be tied or become (internally) incapable of doing nothing concrete in stopping North Korea, Iran, and other players in the Mid-East, and around the world.
In the long term, this applies to China as well. They are a large enough player on the worlds economic stage and are slowly advancing toward some sort of consumer driven economy. Their current form of government will (as long as our engine is the one driving the worlds economic base) have to change sooner or later.
But, as happened during Clinton’s tenure, if we give the current power brokers in China free reign and support, to advance their agendas at the expense of ours…then it is all just a matter of time.


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