Smoking Cigars, Having A Beer, And Fishing…

Dr Gene Scott, the charismatic preacher who at one time got the playboy bunny off the infant cable “airwaves”, died Monday due to a stroke. He was 75. He ministry, at its height, reached round the world. He was the only one of his ilk I ever paid any attention to, if I happened to be channel surfing. Scott freely admitted to having feet of clay, and could never be called “a sweetness and light” kind of preacher. He was full of piss and vinegar, and it showed on his broadcasts.
His topics varied on any given night or show. On time it might be the Knights Templar, the next would be on his reasons for excepting Christ and his conversion back to the faith. He could be seen with a different hat on every show…sometimes he would change during the show. His controversial(for a preacher) cigar smoking and fondness of beer known to those who followed his tv broadcasts, was often done while on the air (at least the cigar smoking). He was one to make you think if nothing else and almost always entertaining.
I hadn’t seen his show in years. But I remember him talking about after he died he wanted to be found fishing on a stream, with a cigar and at least a couple of cold beers waiting for him on the shore, when he made it to heaven. I hope he is doing just that. Rest in peace Doc.


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