Open Your History Books…

IN HIS ADDRESS to Congress…declared that “at no previous time has American security been as seriously threatened from without as it is today”. The democratic way of life was being directly assailed “by arms; or by secret spreading of poisonous propaganda” in every part of the world. The President said that the assault had blotted out the whole pattern of democratic life in an appalling number of independent nations and that the assailants were still on the march threatening other nations, great and small. Armed defense of democratic existence was being waged on four continents; if that defense failed, all the population and all the resources of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia would be dominated by the conquerors.
The President defined our national policy as follows: We were committed to an all-inclusive national defense; we were committed to full support of resolute peoples everywhere who were resisting aggression and were thereby keeping war away from our hemisphere; and we were committed to the proposition that principles of morality and considerations for our own security would “never permit us to acquiesce in a peace dictated by aggressors and sponsored by appeasers”.

I imagine most would be wondering where and when the President said the above. We are engaged in a world wide struggle against not only a form of totalitarianism, thinly disguised as a religion, but nations seeking to make their mark on the worlds stage at the expense of their populace and surrounding countries as well. Three of these, Iran, North Korea, and China, have the potential and the will to directly effect the destiny and course of not only the region of the world they occupy, but have a very strong potential globally.
And yet, around the world, nations refuse to directly confront or in many cases give little more than lip service to the evils growing stronger with each passing day. The President, currently finishing up his trip across Europe, has met with some positive results. But most of these appear to be little more then window dressing. For example, Germany’s Chancellor Schroeder, while noting major disagreements with recent US policy regarding Iraq, has publicly stated Iran must not pursue continued development and implementation of nuclear arms. One wonders how much arm twisting was involved to generate this statement. Especially when appeasement still seems to rule the day as far as the European powers and the UN are concerned.
On the Asian front, the diplomatic dance with North Korea continues.
There are also signs China has either started or is about to flex their muscle in the region, Check out this and this written by one of the webs better wordsmiths, Varifrank.
It is my humble opinion, there is a lot of posturing going on out there. And much like in a bar before the open hostilities break out, it seems if not already being picked up, the parties involved are at least eyeing where the pool cues, or empty bottles, are.
How does all this relate to the opening “quote”? And where and when did the President say that? Well, it is a real quote…just the wrong President and different time frame. That was back on the 6th of January, 1941. The President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And as real and ominous the treat was back then, the words hold just as true today. History has presented us with just as clear and present a danger as she did back then.
We need to wake up as a people and a nation. There is no place, today, for the isolationistic mindset of 65 years ago or for current rotting fruit born of the socialist leanings which began to take root in academic and East coast elitist circles, back then. For good or ill, we are the strongest (and perhaps, last)bastion of freedom for the world. We owe it not only to ourselves and our children, but to future generations, to rise up and meet the evils of the world head on.
If not, then it is just a matter of time until we are required to learn Chinese and which direction Mecca is, so as to properly carry out our daily prayers. The choice is still up to us. But the history lessons are almost over. Can we pass the tests? And even of more importance, are we willing to?

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