Sinus colds/infections are all the rage at the Harbor these days. Both my better half and I have been battling with nasal nastiness for about a week now. Besides giving us both the usual gamut of things like lack of taste (as in food and such) and helping increase the dividends for shareholders of Kimberly-Clark, our sunny dispositions are truly frightening.
The conventional wisdom is most acts of spousal abuse and general mayhem occur as the heat goes up. I would argue if two normal even tempered folk have Major Sinus Flair Up ™ or MSFU, there is much more cause for alarm. The only reason she has not used the Fry Pan of Doom ™ on my throbben noggin, is I am sure she is incapable of picking said item up at the moment.
And as much as I think Hunter Thompson was the antithesis of a class act…especially on his choice of exits, perhaps all he was really doing was going to extremes in trying to open up a clogged sinus passage. I still wouldn’t approve of the results…but could at least understand the action.
I have tried Rum and coke, rum by itself, ibuprofen, Sudophed ™ , long hot steamy showers, all meeting with limited success. Tonight is the attack of the gin in the green bottle. This needs to pass from our house before some one snaps. If there is a god in heaven, why will he allow for the frequent swelling of some membranes while others are crying out for that same level of frequency. See, this is why there has been no verbiage coming from these here parts….all the fogginess of brain with out the illicit pharmaceuticals.
I knew living too close to the nuke power plant was probably not the healthiest of options, maybe it isn’t a sinus condition, maybe it’s the other head nearing the end of it’s gestation, ready to spring forth in to the light of day.
Hopefully this will pass in the next few days. Or you will see both of us on the next new presentation of COPS ™ . I will be the one running and slamming myself up-side the squad car, with out the assistance of the boys in blue, just to see if it loosens up any of the congestion. My loving spouse will be the one in cuffs who just had the cleaver torn from her hands, yelling something to the effect; “You want your sinuses unclogged you SOB, come here, I’ll unclog em for ya!” “Where did you hide the gin you bastard!!” And the local fire marshal will also be there writing us up for having far too much flammable paper product on the premises, due to the crate of Kleenex. (Hey, they were on sale at COSTCO!)
Anyhow, the words will start flowing again, after things clear up a bit sinus wise, or when we are out on probation.


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