McCain Hypocrite At Large

I have been following, with interest, not only the hub-bub about the BCRA and the FEC as it relates specifically to blogging and bloggers at large, but about the exploits of it’s more notable author, Senator John McCain.
Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters has been on this item and the Senator like a good hunting dog…ferreting out bits and pieces of the truth along with giving us larger swatches about one of the main players in this madness.
But I am noticing something else here.
Yes there was the Keating Five scandal, and though he came out of it with little more than a slap on the hand (and a hope that the voting public has short memories), McCain did admit he was wrong. This major incident was spun over the years as his main personal reason for the BCRA. That, there exists a possibility legislators could become corrupted by the large amounts of money out their in corporate coffers and PAC land. The average voter across the nation (assuming McCain’s ambition for power and the presidency are as strong as they ever were) could, if spun right, believe McCain has learned his lesson.
But wait you say, what about information currently being brought to light about his ties with Cablevision and their contributions to the Reform Institute. In fact looking at the cronyism prevalent at the Reform Institute, and McCain’s ties to same, if this is the actions of an active “reformer”, one might wonder when wolves became just another subspecies of chicken.
Okay, lets not look at the above. After all it’s been many years since Keating…and one can’t fault a fella from back sliding. Oops, it seems Mark R. Levin, dug up a bit more about McCain getting monies from outside sources at different times from 1989 through 2002.
So, what is the big deal here? To me it is simple, and Mr. Levin brings it to light in this fashion:

“Of course, I don’t believe the mere receipt of campaign contributions is corrupting. In fact, it’s evidence of representative government at work. The public has every right to try to influence the direction of their government. But McCain believes this activity to be corrupt, yet he took the money anyway.”

And that appears to be McCain in a nutshell….the man is a hypocrite.
This brings me back to McCain’s recent statements about the FEC and the BCRA not effecting, or having any effect on, individual bloggers. Judging on how the man is able to apparently talk reform out of one side of his mouth while feathering his campaign coffers or providing “capital” shelter for his cronies. You have got to wonder not only about John McCain’s ability to prevent the erosion of YOUR first amendment rights, but his willingness to do so as well.


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