Love and Marriage

A couple of things were posted today at Eternity Road. Both tie into what has been probably *the* topic of discussion here at the Harbor. No, the First Mate ™ is not kicking me out. (I think it has something to do with that male chromosome, but not totally sure.) Anyhow, we were talking about the same sex marriage issue.
We are both of the opinion, the rite of marriage, is not something which should, or even can, be handed out by the federal government, for a number of reasons (talk about your separation of church and state for starters).
Marriage is the union of a man and a woman in the sight of man (the community) and God (a unifying entity or consciousness said community acknowledges as a source of their collective moral guidance). For the state to dictate who any church should or will marry, regardless of the spiritual teachings and beliefs of said church, is treading on dangerous constitutional ground.
For a very small but vocal minority, to seek to impose its views and values on the rest of mainstream society, is wrong. If we wish to see our current society dissolve before our eyes, let the tyranny (or more correctly the temper tantrums) of the few control the actions of all, and we will be well on our way toward either an elitist/statist society or total anarchy. Perhaps the same sexers would not be the end all or be all…but who would be next? What about the NAMBLA folks? Or the ecco-extremists.(ELF in charge anyone?) Or, on the other side of the coin…do you want the white supremacists to be the controlling factor, to have an equal voice or say in how you are to live your life?
This country, for the most part, has been about folks having the right to express their views. To expect any minority view, to be accepted across the board by the majority of mainstream thought/conventional wisdom, was not part of the deal. That the folks which spout or back ideas and ideals such as those in the above paragraph expect to have this is arrogance of the highest order.
Getting back to the same sex marriage folks, specifically to expect to be granted equality in all dealings, when fact(s), plainly dictate otherwise falls into the same line of thought as the last paragraph states. For example, because same sex couples, specifically males, are part of an extremely high risk group regarding HIV, AIDS, and other medical maladies, it would be the height of selfishness to expect them to receive the same rates for health coverage as would be given to a hetero couple (non smoking). Just as my spouse and I , as smokers, would not have the right to expect our rates to be the same as a non-smoking couple, for life insurance, same sex couples have to expect to be judged and treated accordingly based on their choices.
So, in short:
Should same sex couples (or single gay women/men) be allowed to live with out fear of harm to their persons?
Of course, as should any other person.

Should there be civil unions for same sex couples?

I can see that…it is not a religious rite, but a function of the state.
Should they be granted the same tax status as other couples?
If they are *officially* a union, sure, any one that can get a few more dollars by filing jointly is okay by me.
Should they expect to pay the same in health care insurance or life insurance?
Nope. And the actuarial tables will back me up on that one.
Should they be allowed to receive, across the board, the rite/sacrament of marriage?
Nope. The caveat here …if they can find a church which sanctions same…good luck and deity bless. But to expect mainstream churches to either ignore or rewrite their teachings and or beliefs to accommodate a very vocal minority, which goes against their religious doctrine, is nothing more then thuggery. And, shows nothing but disrespect toward the very establishment(s) they seek to gain the confidence or respect of, or admittance into.
For the majority of civilized society, marriage is the tool used to provide at least a semblance of security (in this day and age) for a women and children brought into the union of a given couple. It is one of the pillars which provides for the successful functioning of a society. It is not restricted to a Judeo-Christian point of view either. All major faiths, world-wide, recognize and support this type of union. For a minority to want to change the worth or value of this union, only because it advances their agenda, is an act of arrogance which we as civilized man ignore at our own peril.


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