The First 10K Is The Hardest

Well, according to sitemeter, I rolled over the 10,000 mark today.
It has been about a month and one half shy of a year, since Snugg Harbor opened for business. And it has been a blast. Thank you. There have been (and are) many voices out in the blogosphere which prompted me to stake out my own little corner of the net. To my better half, who was (and is) never shy in stating her opinion and brings out the best in me. The Du Toits, with their blend of commentary, well thought out points of view, and excellent essays, are a required daily stop. Mark Alger’s Baby Troll Blog , whose look at life and the world around him, along with pithy comments from the effervescent Dolly, deserve to be on everyone’s required reading list. Then there is the “old curmudgeon”, Francis, at Eternity Road , if pens were swords, and posts, well and truly pieces of our souls put to paper, his pen would be a shining longsword of truth. His words, the soul of a Palladian, for all to see. With equal parts honor, courage, and justice.
There are so many others, men and woman who’s voices rise in a beautiful noise. The two Erics (Bits and SWG), Rob, Ed, SondraK, two Kates (Venomous and Conservative), DeDoc (*the* carry over from the old live journal days), and the list goes ever on.
To each and every one of you, thank you. You have given this humble harbor master, much to think on over the past ten months, and I suspect you will continue to do so far into the future. I am proud and honored to be counted among you as a fellow traveler on this journey we are all a part of. May the next 10,000 be as fun, and exciting as the first has.


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