My Two Cents

We have all been reading with our hearts, about the dealings in Florida with Terri Schiavo. My heart goes out to her and her family. No parent should have to bear witness to any of their children being in the state Terri is in.
It is my personal belief that Terri Schiavo has on more then one occasion shown herself not to be in a vegetative state. Indeed, one of the lawyers for the Schiavo’s, Barbara Weller says based on visits to Terry, she is not in what would be called a permanent vegetative state (PVS). A number of doctors, during court hearings, have stated otherwise. And for those who may be interested, here is the timeline as to what has transpired with Terri Schiavo from the beginning. And this testimony given by Jay Wolfson, as Guardian Ad Litem to Theresa Marie Schiavo.
That having been said, gentle reader please take a minute to look at this, posted by the good Kim Du Toit, and this, as written by another of my favorite wordsmiths, Chris Byrne.
There are parts of both posts, that I am not in complete agreement with. But the bottom line of both posts, speaks to the heart of the matter as far as federal interference goes. And *that* is where I fall into (gentle readers you may flame at will) complete agreement with them.
Should something be done to resolve this, at the State and or local level? Yes, in my mind there are far too many questions unanswered. Should the “feds” get involved? Not unless, upon further review of all aspects in this affair bring to light criminal conduct which might trigger some violation of a federal statute.
Here would be my concerns:
I really wonder what motives her husband Michael has.
They were still *husband and wife* at the time of Terri’s change of medical state. But they were living apart at the time she was felled. Was there ever any criminal investigation regarding Michael’s possible involvement, in Terri being injured? Assuming he played no part in her arriving at the state she is in now, are there other actions/events in his life which are driving him to do what he is doing? Or, is it simply a case of a husband (allegedly) following the verbal wishes of his wife?
I really wonder what has not been told to the public via the media, regarding the facts, as they pertain to Terri Schiavo’s medical state and how she arrived at same.
I really wonder as with other federally legislated “good intentions”, this will at some future date, come back to haunt us. As an example, there is the case of Brown vs the Board of Education. SCOTUS eventually, with the best of intent, superseded the rights of the state. And because this bit of judicial activism was allowed to stand, it became ever easier for judges to act in the same manner.
With more contemplation, there could be more questions brought to the fore. And as mentioned above, I do feel for this woman, who is caught now in a web of good intentions, ulterior motives, and being used by both sides of the political spectrum to meet their own agendas, at her expense (for good or ill).
In a basic sense, Kim is correct in stating “It is none of our business..”. But, whether it had obtained national exposure or not, the effects/actions taken, one way or another, may very possibly have an effect on many more people then just Terri Schiavo, her husband, and family. And that my friends makes it at least *our business* to know what went on, why a final decision was arrived at, and what if any precedence could be used in the event future cases are brought against any one of us, should the need ever arise. If nothing else, get thee to a lawyer, and make out a living will. That way YOUR wishes stand the greatest chance of being honored.
Finally, may Terri and those who are truly working to see her wishes be honored (and I don’t know-honestly-which side that is), be successful.


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