A Two Headed Dragon

I didn’t think (boy how often do us married fellas say that) I would be posting about Terri Shiavo again. There have been pundits by the bus load commenting and reporting on the various shades and flavors of this event non-stop for at least the past 3 months, and I am willing to place odds it won’t stop upon her taking her last breath.
But Riverdog has brought up some very interesting personal concerns, regarding this event. He looks at how this event effects his obligations to the constitution, his conservative “world view”, and potential changes in relationships with friends. Read the post, he describes it much better than I.
What could be causing this supposed riff among conservatives? Specifically, those of faith, and those who are either not of a particular Judeo-Christian sect or take a very literal (and IMHO correct) view of the Constitution. I think there is really a two pronged conflict going on here. It is a two headed dragon, not only does the MSM the democrats (and other assorted moonbats) not get it, but many of us are either blind or ignorant of it as well.
Although I disagree strongly with how Judge Greer has consistently ruled on this case (Don’t take my word for that. Look around the net and other blogs. For one example, he has allowed in at least one instance, his personal bias to affect a given ruling.), the bottom line, whether I or anyone else likes it, according to Florida law, the spouse has the right to decide his partners fate. And again, according to Florida law the whole feeding tube situation is considered “life support”. I did not believe this last one, but looked it up, and sad to say, it is true. I don’t have to like either parts of the Florida statutes but the bottom line is…they are law.
That the law in this case is considered by many to be unjust and or immoral can (and should) be addressed by seeking redress through enacting either a change to existing law or getting it tossed out altogether. Will that help Terri Shiavo? Unfortunately, no it won’t. So, it remains for men and women of good conscience to actively seek change in the applicable laws, so this sad series of events are no longer able to occur again. This would be the correct “constitutional/rule of law” way to go.
The other issue here is far more emotionally charged, and the one where the divide (even with the politicos) really lies. This has been addressed by my favorite curmudgeon, here. In a nutshell, we have, as a society, gone from one which values life as one of our underlying core values, to one which allows the antithesis of life an equal footing. We, allowed for those who favor selfishness, and the animalistic nature of man, to take primacy over man’s conscience (his rational, thinking, ongoing quest toward a higher/better state of being).
In witnessing what is going on in Florida, man is forced to choose between the two parts of his being, conflict is the result. And more than ever before, (Yes, there are exceptions on both sides, but the sub-groups of “exceptions” are shrinking.) these two points of view have posited to either side of the political/ideological fence. That no one knows exactly what this poor woman would really want, brings not only clarity to the divide, but allows for a battle line to be distinctly drawn. (And yes, I think the *husband* is lying, otherwise he would have been expressing his wife’s “wishes” for her treatment since day one. Information available on the web, shows this not to be the case. It was only after the malpractice suits had been won, this was brought to light.)
It is unfortunate the forces who preach the animalistic nature of man is man’s ruling force, have wrapped themselves in what is normally the conservative argument of following the “rule of law”. Any but a fool could see they are only following this tactic for the sake of convenience(to advance their agenda). That a large part of conservative factions would willingly ignore the rule of law as their first remedy are just as wrong. At some point, sure, we must literally “stand up and fight”. Indeed, it is part and parcel of the Constitution, but if we fail to use the right and proper avenues of recourse first, we become no better then those who have been accused (by conservatives/constitutionalists) of failing to honor and abide by what this country was founded on.
If the process fails due to, activism at the judicial level, or the legislative/executive branches failing to act on the express will of the people to correct what is perceived to be a moral shortcoming within the law(s). THEN stronger remedies must and should be followed. It would be better to lose the battle then to see those who would fight on the side of life and individual accountability be divided, and the war lost, before it is barely begun.


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