An Eleventh Hour reprieve?

At this late hour (it is 01:30 Wednesday morning), AP is reporting here:

ATLANTA (AP) – A federal appeals court early Wednesday agreed to consider a petition by Terri Schiavo’s parents for a new hearing on whether to reconnect their severely brain-damaged daughter’s feeding tube.
The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled without comment on Schiavo’s 12th day without nourishment. Last week, the same court twice ruled against Schiavo’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, who are trying to keep her alive.
In seeking a new hearing late Tuesday, attorneys for Schiavo’s parents argued that the District Court “committed plain error when it reviewed only the state court case and outcome history.”
Now, the court will consider the request for a new hearing based on the facts of the case, rather than whether previous Florida court rulings have met legal standards under state law.
There was no time frame for the court to consider the motion, but the Schindler’s attorneys asked to have the tube reinserted immediately “in light of the magnitude of what is at stake and the urgency of the action required.”

This could, at last, be the break the Schindlers have been hoping and praying for. And if their luck, and Terri’s holds out, provides medical closure as to Terri’s status. It could also be the beginning of the end for Michael Schiavo, if in fact, sworn testimony previously ignored, is given closer scrutiny.
UPDATE The federal court has responded here. Though I am for the following of the rule of law, this sounds more like a ducking of the issue by a court which had the right to review this case. May Terri find peace when she finally crosses the veil. And may a complete autopsy, as promised by her HINO (Husband In Name Only), and provided for by Florida law, answer any and all questions regarding both Terri’s alleged broken bones (among other things), and the allegations drifting round the net, about Michael Schiavo.


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