I was not going to post anything more on Terri Schiavo. May her family find peace in their memories of their beloved daughter/sister. Surely she resides in a better place and state of being.
But, what has been done is done. Now it is up to those of us who believe in the “rule of law” to back that up and seek proper and just remedies to the system, so something like this is not allowed to happen again. Yes, there will be an autopsy and perhaps more information will be forthcoming, to allow for either her “true condition” to be known, or some of the unanswered questions being tossed about to be put to rest.
What caused me to post was listening to Michael Schiavo’s lawyer making a (public) statement. Regardless of your take, be it a “rule of law issue”, constitutional issue (allowing for the federal intrusion), or a religious/moral issue(s). (And when I can get a transcript of his news conference or an audio feed, I will link to same) If your stomach doesn’t turn when listening to this weasel speak, well, just damn!
Some might argue he is “just doing his job”, but where a simple statement would have been sufficient, he goes into a tirade about justification and doing what is plainly, first and foremost, in Terri’s best interest. He is grandstanding before the body is even cold! After hearing him, I was very close to having an RCOB moment, my hands where shaking. And begs the question (and title of this post) WHY?
And why in heaven’s name, was Bobby Schindler not allowed to stay in the room to be with Terri in her final moments? What kind of a heartless beast would prevent this as Michael’s lawyer stated Michael did?
Final observations:
1. Talk to your local, state, and federal legislators. Let them know you would welcome changes in existing law(s) to reflect the continuing of life to be paramount. The rights of the spouse should be respected, BUT all available methods MUST have been used, and documented in determining a persons legal “living status”. And failing documentation being on hand to demonstrate a persons specific desire, being to the contrary, hearsay from any source is not to be sanctioned as the determining factor in deciding whether or not to medically allow a person to die. This last part would apply only when there is contention regarding an individuals final choice/wishes. (And getting “feeding tubes” removed as a form of “life support”, to be on the same level as a respirator or some such, would be a good thing too.)
2. Like it or not (unless there is a major swing in the national psyche to erring on the side of life) we are perilously close to officially becoming a society which favors the right to die as being paramount. It behooves all of us to go and get a living will or living trust set up, so you have the greatest chance possible in having your wishes honored, in the event you are not able to communicate same.
If we, as conservative/constitutionalists/those who favor choosing life over death as the right and proper action for any healthy society to follow, then we need to follow up on the above. If we do not, then hypocrisy becomes the word of the day.
Finally, and most importantly,
Rest in Peace Terri.
If you want to see and hear George Felos spin his tale, like the spawn of hell he is, go to The Political Teen. He has the video feed and you can download it there. Alas I haven’t the storage space for it or I would offer it here.


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