Listening to stories of a war gone by

I have on occasion listened to a “book on tape” while traveling from duty station to duty station. But tonight my ears are feasting on a CD compilation of a WEB Griffin novel, “The Fighting Agents”. Yes, a grand parade of characters, fictional and “real”, intermingling in a richly woven tapestry of historical fiction. Only Griffin IMHO can provide/produce this, so well.
While listening, to a tale of battles against an old foe, the here and now interrupts.
The Pulizer Prize(s) and the winners of each category were announced over the course of the past few days. As evidenced by the submitted selections, of photos, political cartoons, and all other materials, those who won in their respective categories, are persons who espouse and support the left and their many agendas. They show a consistent lack of anything approaching either a belief in their (our) countries agenda in ridding the world of the evils befalling it now, or in showing ALL SIDES in anyway approaching a fair, balanced, or impartial manner. In short, whether subtly by selecting photos, phrases, using specific words, or in painting a picture, which may give a nod to US forces (or objectives). More often then not, they at the very least give aid and comfort to the enemy. Seeking to get interviews and press releases from despots, dictators, and “insurgent forces” (read terrorists). But when was the last time any of them *really* sought to present the thoughts/ideas/agendas of the US and her allies in such a way as to foster either a greater support for said ideas? (Be it for consumption here in the home front, or for the rest of the world to digest.)
The simple answer, they have not. They will not go against the pablum fed to most since their days in college (and I am willing to bet in some cases, even further back then that). The seeds of the leftist/socialist/statist ideals, planted by a cynical ivory tower elite, bears new fruit daily, on our TVs, in our newspapers, and on our radios. There is no love for what might be called the traditional Representative Republic as set forth by our founding fathers and paid for with the blood of men and women of good will. Yes, they claim to love America, but love of country and it’s cherished beliefs and institutions is not what is driving them. Rather, they seek to change this country into a mirrored image of imagined socialist/statist “utopian dreams”, which were fed to them by the very same elitist intelligentsia who reward a favored few with something once valued and strived for by all. The Pulizer. It’s awarding used to be based on ones merit, not their idealogy.
It seems the old fourth estate, once lauded as “the unseen leg of (our) government”, has become nothing more, and nothing less, then a collective of “fifth columnists.
Oh, and for those of you out there who should care to criticize me, asking what right do I have talking about the folks who went at least close to harms way in getting the story or the photo. (Which was, in the end, what got them their award.) No, my liberal whining, sanctimonious, sheltered and well fed (in Philadelphia) asshat, I was not there. For as much as I tried to re-enlist, in the same service which was my home for 20 years, in the days immediately following 9/11, they were not taking prior service or retired personnel. If they call tomorrow I will go willingly. Would you do the same?


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