The Divide

And so it goes….
The MSM leaps from one event to another. Applying it’s razor sharp agenda filled fangs with practiced skill. Those children out there, driven by their emotions, and not by reality, along with the blissfully ignorant (comfortable Americans all), lap up the media’s version of “opiate for the masses”.
The Pope was a great spiritual leader BUT…
It’s great the Iraqis have their freedom, and Bush (no prior Presidential pronoun *paleeese*) may have been partially justified in going in BUT…
It appears there is a growing concern over the number of *undocumented workers entering this country. We could have arrived at a solution for this BUT…
We demand our *rights*! And we would be heard, accepted, and assimilated into society BUT…
The list seems to be ever growing, almost never ending.
And so it goes.
If you are not thought of as being “equal” in our society, perhaps it is not as much societies fault as it is yours. If you seek it by using either pop science, pseudo psychology, “in your face activism”, complete disdain and denouncement of mainstream society mores and or moral underpinnings, then what were you realistically expecting
When a “sea change” in how we react, or our actions…regarding life and its intrinsic value…allows for death to be placed above all else, which side do you err on? Does the fetus, the (truly) PVS, the “minimally conscious”, the old and infirmed, have the same “inalienable rights” as the rest of us? Or are we, however slightly, tipping the scale, favoring “a culture of death”?
Do you bow to the great god of diversity? Are those who follow (a faction or factions of) one of the largest religious faiths, nothing more than misunderstood, uneducated “insurgents”? (Who got the way they are on account of the evil capitalistic west?) Is a person to be granted favors by the state/society based on past transgressions of said society …. forever? Is/are the troubles, concerns, roadblocks in your life caused by your parents, the state, society, “the man”? Is your *victimhood* absolving you of all responsibility?
This country, our culture, Western civilization….is divided and the gap widens day by day. How you felt after reading the above and how you answered the questions posed, will give you a clue as to which side of the divide you may be on.
There have been spirited debates over what is the best course on any given issue, for as many years as we have been a Republic…and we have been keenly divided before. But in the modern history of this country the last time a “liberal” in power placed country before self, said this:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your country!”

That was over 40 years ago. Many of the seeds, though not all, which gave rise for our current divide, were planted during that time frame. (Some were planted far earlier, read up on Thomas Dewy and the Department of Education, started under FDR, for one example.) The shots heard in a Dallas plaza only hastened more planting. (It should also be said, what caused the intellectual elite to realize the time was right for planting…was the allowing of the very fertile top soil of civility to be eroded away. A story unto itself…for another time.) The war which followed, spurred the watering. The bringing down of a Presidency gave approval to the media, allowing them to use innuendo, half truths and opinion, in their “reporting”. This nurtured and fertilized the divide. And it grew.
We watched it grow. The far right, and religious right, started sounding the alarm. There were many who wanted things to return to what they had been like in (at least) the early 60’s. That most felt, to some degree or another, this might also bring a return of a number of the ills which were also present then, saw this clarion call muted.
We gave into many demands. Even many on the right gave into what was thought of as good intentions (at least by the right) The liberals had other agendas. Instead of giving the perceived “wronged party” the tools to succeed, and the knowledge to use same, they gave them a wink, a nod, and promises of a patronizing (read that as demeaning) nature. “We know what is best for you. We know you are too weak to do this on your own. We know you want to be allowed to do anything, so we will change the rules to your benefit. We know in our heart of hearts you are not, and never will be of equal in stature to us. But, if we can keep you under our thumb, by giving you sweets and hugs instead of the tools needed to be on an equal footing, you will still “feel good” and let us get on with the business at hand.” We “all” let the social engineers take charge…and this mindset was allowed to permeate all parts of government and society. Sensitivity was the by word of the age. Political correctness, became yet another of the new gods to constantly bow before, and give thanks to, for ones becoming more “sensitive and enlightened”.
Not all of America gave into this mindnumbing mindset. Still, with but slight rumbling, the divide grew.
The Communists of old Russia fell, as did most of their satellite states. Many saw this as the dawn of a new age. The last of the 20th century’s evils was crushed and lay dying. Truly swords could be beaten into plowshares. There were any number of folks (even those with conservative leanings) who believed it was time to take a hard look at the military and the warrior mentality kept alive by the cold war. “Why, we will never see an evil as large or as formidable again.” “Man has learned from past mistakes, let’s address the nation’s and the world’s social issues.” The warning shots fired by the despots and fanatics of the Middle East (and elsewhere) went unnoticed for what they really were. Much like we did in the 30’s, we slept again. Some, did not, their voices either unheard or dismissed.
If the divide did not grow wider, it at least grew stronger, ignorance and delusion fortified it.
We saw the first “baby boomer” become President. He was charismatic, affable, seemed to be (as portrayed by our “friends” in the MSM) centrist in his policies. Two terms were given him. He lied…to us, and though he would never admit it, to himself. (And you are sadly mistaken if you think I am talking about a stained dress, a cigar, and all that mess. Read up on what he gave the Chicoms in technology and other information/deals….. Oh, and something or another about being able to get a hold of a middle eastern player named Osama…) There was an election, it saw a country almost evenly divided. At the time, little did we know, the “right man for the job to come” did win. The divide was solid. The divide, like the country slept.
September 11, 2001
The nation awoke from it’s sleep. For a very short time “The Divide” appeared to be non existent. It was but biding time. Within months there was stirring, new feelers being put out, to see just how “together” we were in going to do battle with a now recognized enemy. It was perplexing. This evil had no real tie to any one nation-state. It was more like a cancer…it ate at a countries insides and changed it …giving (it) form as nothing more then a (if to western eyes) backward religious theocracy. But we hadn’t the “right” to fight against that did we? As long as they didn’t come to our shores? “The divide” saw this and made it part of its own. Ignore the evil….there is really no terrorism here…these are but “insurgents”, freedom fighters, “Minutemen”. “It is, after all, the fault of western man and western culture, these things are the way they are. This is true in the Middle East, and in South East Asia, and in North Korea. Oh, and if we just leave China alone, they will take care of themselves…for we have no moral or ethical or national security right(s) to go and keep them in check or demand any sort of accountability.”
“The Divide” was strong, it was firm. Despite losing a bid for control in the last major political expression of the people, if possible, it would grow stronger, by morphing into something which could place it in power the next time. “The Divide” lies, and cheats, and works toward quieting ones freedom of speech. It says (as it always has) what those who live by feelings, and not actions, want to hear.
“The Divide” will test it’s strength in about a year and a half. Then it will fine tune itself, to try electing the next occupant for the oval office in 2008.
The evil we fight overseas (and may have to face over here if things do not change) is kin to “The Divide”. We ignore both at our peril.
All I know is there are two sides to “The Divide”, and one of them is not only against most everything I stand for and believe, (and not interested in the least in finding honest solutions to everything which concerns our country today) it is only interested in advancement of self, and by default strengthening “The Divide”.
And you silly people who think I am only addressing the left….there are folks on the right who also are out only for themselves. (Any one who says George Bush slap yourself hard and sit down…he is far from perfect….but if I hear one more “He is doing it for the oil!” I am going to buy a $55.00 barrel of it and shove it down your throat! Pat Robertson, and Farwell would be closer to the truth, as far as mindsets go, Senator McCain, is very high on the list as well.) They want to keep “The Divide” in place and growing. It gives them power. They seek not to resolve the issues behind it. Or back up their oaths of office or their honor, in (perhaps) realizing the tree of liberty may be in dire need of pruning. This would place their power at risk. No, they like “The Divide” almost as much as the “useful idiots” on the other side.
To misquote/rewrite part of an old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song:
“Won’t you please come to your senses,
Or else join the other side.
We can change the world,
Re arrange the world,
It’s dying
To get better.”
So, which side of “The Divide” are you on?


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