Public Schools, What Are They Really Teaching?

My better half posted here, about one of the (many) concerns we have with the public school system. The kids seem to be spending more time either *cribbing* for state wide exams, learning skills which are not needed at their particular grade level, or given time to build their a) self esteem/expression b)socialization skills c)coping skills with real life examples of situational ethics (see the cribbing comment above).
So, what do kids do with the values and skills they take on board? Here is a damn sad and disgusting example. And lets set it up with the following.
Why everyone knows oral sex is not “really sex”. And sometimes a fella just has to get a much needed boost to his self esteem. And yeah, using someone else to satisfy your needs is not right but when …(well, you fill in the excuses used by teenage barbarians these days. Then take a minute to think about where they might have gotten the idea at any time or with any person the following is acceptable behavior…”Situational ethics” which are, at the very least, passively promoted in most schools, is the only thing which comes to mind. Other than that, I sure as hell can’t.)
This, is what brought up this post (and the bile in my throat).
There should be a full investigation by the local law enforcement agencies. Perhaps the local child services agents should be investigating as well. Not looking into the parents of the injured child, but the adults who promoted this climate to exist. And allowed, with full knowledge (it initially appears, to be after the fact) the acts which took place. Or at least attempted to excuse and or cover them up.
And if I was the father of this girl, I would get as many other fathers together arm same and save the state/local agencies time and expense…cause there would be lots of either target practice, and or “educator, rope, tree….some assembly required going on at that school. And I wonder when we are going to hear “She was asking for it/wanted to do it. It’s not our (my) fault” It is times like this I wish I had a range near by to go blow off some steam at.

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