Odds and Ends

To the best of my knowledge, I have tried to list the newest members of my blog roll as they were given their own berthing/pierage. But sometimes things get put off, or real life takes precedence. Anyhow, though I may have visited many of these quality sites, I have been remiss in bringing them to you the readers attention. Though some are more well known then others, they all have individual characteristics and charms of their own to recommend them. They all deserve a hearty “Welcome Aboard!”.
A Small Victory Even though she’s a Yankee fan (we all have our crosses to bear), she is sassy, saucy and a good read.
Ace Of Spades HQ He always seems to be going at 110%, and he liked Sin City.
Anarchangel Chris likes Sin City too. He’s literally and figuratively, a straight shooter with always something of interest to say.
The Anchoress A strong centered woman and it shows in her writing, not to be missed.
Emigre With A Digital Cluebat This gent comes from a strong blogging family. A joy to read.
Eric’s Grumbles From The Grave Another strong writer, who is a fan of Heinlein (always a plus).
Feisty Repartee This lady can hold her head and pen up with the best of ’em. Her tag teamed stories with other bloggers are not to be missed.
Geek With A 45 His passion about the potential raping of bloggers First Amendment guarantees, prompted him to start a new bloggers group here. The man wields a mighty pen as well.
Hog On Ice Steve is always cooking something up at his site, in more ways then one. He also enjoys educating folks from foreign places who have large sums of money they want to “share” with YOU.
Liberty Bob Bob has a way with words which more often then not will bring a smile to your face….or maybe that is just because he lives in Iowa, give him a look, and you be the judge.
Making Tomorrow’s Military Today Air Force Recruiter and family man, yet with all that he finds time to blog. And if you are between the ages of 18-34 and in his neck of the woods, go talk with him, it may be the best thing you ever did.
Pajama Pundits She may be in her pajamas, but her wordsmithing will not put you to sleep, check ‘er out.
Precinct 333 An educator with a refreshing conservative outlook. He will always give you something to think about.
SlaggleRock Another gent in uniform, currently somewhere overseas. Did I mention he comes from a family of well known bloggers? Check him out and see who *they* are.
Swanky Conservative Anyone with a chilled martini glass on their Masthead, and a clear (not shaken or stirred) headed point of view, is welcome here.
Target Centermass An Army “doggie” whose politics and opinions are right on target (a good thing being a Tanker and all).
The Royal Flush A great place to go when you want to see what some of the daily bright spots are in the blogosphere. As a certain “Reynolds fella” might say, “The Royal Flush? A pat hand indeed.”
WuzzaDem John will make you laugh (so you know in advance about beverages and such being near the keyboard/monitor). I think he had my better half in tears, or she rolled over her toes with her computer chair again, in any case this is a very good spot to take a break from the daily grind. You won’t be disappointed.
Yippie Ki Yay I like McGehee, wouldn’t mind sharing a beer or two with the guy. He is sharp and often time humorous. He is only last on my list cause it’s in alphabetical order, and not due to any shortage of quality.
Again, welcome aboard to y’all, and thanks for giving me so much reading pleasure.


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