Kerry Might Want To Become Something Other Than Catholic

It seems the new Pope may be keeping the “Man who would be President” ™ , if only the peasants people had listened, awake at night. If this article is correct.

Pope Benedict XVI, intervened in the 2004 US election campaign ordering bishops to deny communion to abortion rights supporters including presidential candidate John Kerry.
In a June 2004 letter to US bishops enunciating principles of worthiness for communion recipients, Ratzinger specified that strong and open supporters of abortion should be denied the Catholic sacrament, for being guilty of a “grave sin.”

Though some might be concerned about a political leader taking his orders from Rome. (Those of you old enough to have been around when John Kennedy, who was also a practicing Catholic, was running for office, will remember, this was a big concern at that time.) I would posit, any man or woman running for office, brings to that office his or her moral code. And whether or not it was influenced or formed by the canon of the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist doctrine, or the collected teachings of Reverend P. Ratt, it doesn’t matter. You are either going to agree with their stands and their (projected) strength of character, or you are not.

He specifically mentioned “the case of a Catholic politician consistently campaigning and voting for permissive abortion and euthanasia laws,” a reference widely understood to mean Democratic candidate Kerry, a Catholic who has defended abortion rights.
The letter said a priest confronted with such a person seeking communion “must refuse to distribute it.”
A footnote to the letter also condemned any Catholic who votes specifically for a candidate because the candidate holds a pro-abortion position. Such a voter “would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for holy communion,”

Hmmm, that sounds more then pretty straight forward enough. But being he was only Cardinal Ratzinger at the time this letter was issued, some US Bishops felt the guidance as spelled out in said letter was something which could be apparently subject to interpretation.

The letter, which was revealed in the Italian magazine L’Espresso last year, was reportedly only sent to US Catholic bishops, who discussed it in their convocation in Denver, Colorado, in mid-June.
Sharply divided on the issue, the bishops decided to leave the decision on granting or denying communion to the individual priest. Kerry later received communion several times from sympathetic priests.

It is my hope, now the good and honorable Cardinal has ascended to the papacy, his word will be acted upon as law. And as we saw last November, a sizable number of Catholics were of like mind.

in the November election, a majority of Catholic voters, who traditionally supported Democratic Party candidates, shifted their votes to Republican and eventual winner George W. Bush.

All I can add to this is:
1. Perhaps the Scientologists are looking to increase their ranks by acquiring a former presidential contender, who (Did you know this?) served in Vietnam. Cause, he shouldn’t consider himself a faithful follower of the Catholic Church and it’s tenants.
2. May Pope Benedict XVI have a long, and powerful reign, shepherding his flock and serving God as the Holy Spirit guides him.


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