McCormick's Progeny Gets It Right

Sailor, over at A Sailor In The Desert comments that the Chicago Tribune finally gets one right on their editorial about bloggers and the First Amendment.

“Such questions would be rendered moot under new laws proposed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican, to exclude the Internet from federal campaign finance laws. They have the right idea.
Attempts to regulate the flow of political writing run smack into the 1st Amendment protection of speech. And there’s a long trail of evidence that campaign finance “reform” laws are ultimately futile. Campaign cash, like water, finds new channels when old ones are blocked.
Democracy is better served by more voices and choices, not fewer ones. Congress and the FEC should encourage more civic involvement and welcome more online voices to the political process instead of throwing regulatory roadblocks in the way.”

© 2005, The Chicago Tribune

The above clip was from the “Trib’s” editorial, Sailor has it here.
I agree, (with Sailor)the Tribune “gets it” when it comes to the blogs. Whether we as bloggers are akin to the pamphleteer of old….or are, in some cases, the electronic version of a one horse town’s paper. We have the constitutional right to free speech especially as it directly pertains to political speech, the very thing the amendment was designed for.
Having grown up reading the Tribune, it was sad to see how over the years the once stalwart conservative beacon of Illinois, indeed, the Midwest, seemed to become at times something closer to RINO, then true blue Republican/conservative in its positions and content. I wonder if Col McCormick, founder of the “Trib”, would even recognize his progeny today. The Tribune Company also has as one of their assets, the LA Times, [sarcasm]that bastion of fair and balanced news coverage[/sarcasm], on the west coast. So, my guess is there has been some strong internal influences. This INMO may be part of the root cause for the papers move from the hard right toward something dancing ’round the political center. But it is great to see ’em get it right this time. Good on ya Trib. And Thanks for the heads up Sailor.


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