Si usted desea ser una parte de Mexico… muevase ALLI!

The Title to this post translates to “If you want to be a part of Mexico…MOVE THERE!”
Image hosted by
There is a right way and a wrong way in which to seek change in this country, and the above billboard is not one of them. Illegal immigration…is not the answer….promoting insurrection …is not the answer.
You want to be part of a nation which ….*sigh* I give up.
I was going to make a list of all the bad points of secession to become part of Mexico would be. And I was going to list all the guarantees, rights, and privileges you would be denied in doing same.
I was going to rant about the sure gall and subtle (and not so subtle) visual imagery existing on the billboard. And how it is not only a personal affront to all office holders in the US government who hold the constitution and in this case the boarders of this country, to be sacrosanct (and that would most defiantly include all members of the armed forces). Along with those who gave (and are giving) their level best to strive in making this country the best it could possibly be.
I was going to wonder aloud about the various groups (La Raza, for starters) which would (and are) using it as a rallying point. That their call to action has now gained just that much more legitimacy. And in doing so brought at least a part of this country a little closer to collapse.
Yes, I was going to do all that…but then I wondered why?
You see, the folks out there with a sense of history (and a sense of duty, honor, country) already get it.
Others get it too.
The more “sensitive and caring, the more “nuanced”, those who let their feelings and emotions rule their lives vice reason and common (all too fast becoming uncommon) sense, rule the day, will NOT. And as evidenced by the above bit of incrementalism…. they do not. Those who would seek the downfall of this country are not outside the gates…hell, the gates no longer exist.


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