Odds and Ends

Sometimes You Just Never Know
Haven’t posted in a day or two….just thinking about things….and others had touched on the one topic I would have posted on, here. I do agree with Eric, where is all the contemplation, the reflection, by those who were so quick to discard Ms. Shaivo’s supposed state of being especially when there were people ready and willing to take over the responsibility of her care and well being, when her husband (for what ever reasons) no longer felt the need to do so.
Pardon Our Dust
Well, I knew this was coming for a day or so…just hadn’t received the official word yet. I got that today. Hopefully over the next week or so, I will be moving the site. The fine folks over at MU.NU , via Eric at Eric’s Grumbles Before The Grave, who was kind enough to nominate my bit of Naval fluff ? for inclusion to that group. So with any luck at all, blogspot will be but a hiccuping memory. More on this as the process happens. And once I have the new address I’ll post same here.
Lite Posting Today
Hey, Eric used this excuse yesterday, so I am going to use it today. Exactly 50 years ago at 5:58am (officially…Mom swears it was 5:55), on the fifth day of the week (Thursday), the fifth day of the month (today), the 55th year of the twentieth century, I was presented to my parents. Two months early (supposed to be a July 4th baby) and as evidenced by the story from our archives, I wasn’t even supposed to be here in the first place. But being the stubborn little hairball that I was, showed up anyhow. And no, I am not going to join AARP, dye my hair with Grecian Formula ? , get a sports car, or trade my better half in for “two twenties” (which is a death wish sooner or later depending on whether or not the “Fry pan of DOOM” ? is handy or not).
Now, if the Cubs could pull a win outta their collective butts for today’s game…that would be nice.
Bad News: *Sigh*, the Cub’s lost
Cool News: From Drudge comes this tid bit.

Today at 5:05:05 am & pm the time will be 05:05:05 05/05/005….
05.05.005 comes only once in 1000 years and coinciding with Thursday (5th Day of the week) comes only once in 7000 yrs…

I think I am going to get a lotto ticket or two…with all these 5’s kicking in today…it *has* to be worth something *grin*.


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