Test 2

Just looking at all the different placements and layouts of the various nooks and crannies MT has for us to use and enjoy.

For example, how does the blockquote work?

does it look better if the quote is in bold?

For example, how does the blockquote work?

and what about…..

Extended entries?
How do they look?
better with a bit of a punch?
We shall see….


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3 responses to “Test 2

  1. You can modifiy how your blockquotes look by changing the style. Look in for “.blockquote” and then change it to look how you want it to look. So far, it’s looking like home.

  2. I would go with the bold blockquotes. I would leave the extended section alone, because when someone links directly to it, it will look wierd with multiple fonts.
    just my .02

  3. Salutes the Nationla Colors.
    Salutes the OOD.
    Permission to come aboard.
    Hands the OOD a new ensign.
    You can pick it up here: Seems geocites is questionable content. so go there, but add this first to the addy /markasas/blogfree1a.gif
    Feel free to hoist it.

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