The Final Post

“Turn out the lights….the party’s over….”
Not so fast there Julie London! All we are doing is moving a bit further uptown, not tossing in the towel.
Yes, this is the last post here at . I am still cleaning and getting the new place shipshape. But for all intents and purposes, the doors are open and ready for business.
For all you good people/lurkers/members of Delta House/and friends I have come to know, enjoying your company, and comments, please change your links to my bit of fluff on the net to or .
This site will stay open until such time as I can transfer the posts here to their new home, or till the end of the month, whichever is longer.
We truly live in interesting times. This blog has tried to reflect how these times have impacted upon me, and my oft times heated response to same. But what really made it something special, was getting to know, through your sites, and words, the incredible people who exist just a keystroke away. Thank you all for making Snugg Harbor someplace you want to drop by…..and don’t stop now…come over to the *new* harbor.
Harbor Master and Head Bottle Washer at Snugg Harbor


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