Well, Here We Go…..

this will be my first *real* post….even though there is still some house cleaning to be done, most of the place is ready to go. For those who are interested, it seems the http://snuggharbor.net addy is loading just a tad bit faster then http://snuggharbor.mu.nu, as for me I am happy there is no.blogspot after the *real* name of this place so pick your poison.
And though I have said it before, various comments, and e-mails…I am going to say it again “Thank you Eric and Jim! Both these gents have answered more questions from this munubie then the law should allow (and scofflaw that I am, I have a couple left in reserve), without their help and guidance this bit of fluff would not be seeing the light of day. Thanks guys!

I will be posting one final post at the old site to let the good people who frequent my old home on the net to adjust their links accordingly to reflect the new place….but it will remain up and hopefully readable until I can figure out some way to transfer the posts over there…to over here.
Finally, I think it is long past time to retire my old signature line

“It is better to have cried and lost…then never to have cried at all.” J. F. Kerry, Nov 3rd 2004

And I am not sure whether or not something from the Likes of L. Long will stand up in it’s stead, or if something pithy from Groucho will see the light of day…..and there is always the outside chance, keeping in the flavor (this place has taste?!?!) of my corner of the net, something from the mind of T.McGee.


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  1. Deb

    Nice digs! 🙂 I’ll change my blogroll.

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