Does Ms Republic Got The Hots For Mr Empire?

Newsweek ran a story in which it is stated that our service members (or those acting as their agents) have desecrated copies of the Koran. The end result….15 dead due to Islamic violence (or groups alleging to be influenced by same). Newsweek has since retracted the story, however at this time they were unable to retract the deaths attributed to same.
The President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, actively pursues and promotes actions which will continue the influx of illegal immigration in to this country. And makes noises when the smallest of steps are taken on this side of the border to stem the tide of same.
In a quiet move, the house, senate, voted and past a military appropriations bill. Nothing to unusual about this….except for the rider attached..that there is now legislation, passed and signed by the President, allowing for the establishment of a national ID system to be actively in place by May of 2008.
We do indeed live in “the crazy years”. And what is really sad is the political party which controls the house, senate, and oval office support two out of three above items.
The president has long said he supports the concept of a national ID system. He has also be very active (or at least in tacit approval of) actions which would allow for the virtual free flow of immigrants from south of the border.
He has allowed the military to be systematically attacked by the press and fifth column members of the house and senate (and any other moonbat out there who has some sort of celebrity status). There has been no action taken against those who if not treasonous, were at the very least seditionistic in their words or actions toward the government in a time of war. Abu Ghraib being a prime example. The detention camp in Gitmo is the current pinata of the press…where the press hopes to find a torture treat to pump up their flagging circulation while at the same time…help to smear the President. Amazing, he allows for the feeding of the very group which seeks to suck on his bones.
Now, I would agree the actions at Ahbu Ghraib were less then professional. But said actions certainly did not warrant the level of concern or coverage garnered. I would agree we should not be boiling the prisoners at Gitmo in hot boiling pork fat, but the conditions to which they were subjected to…rise to the level of a lifestyle one would expect to see on Hogan’s Hero’s, and not a regulated camp where those who directly or indirectly were advancing the cause of fanatics and despots against the United States.

So, what does this mean. Well, though I would applaud the President’s actions in his conducting of the WoT, he seems to be falling more and more to the wayside in taking care of important domestic (and in the case of immigration, not completely domestic) matters.
His failure to use any political capital in pushing for getting his supreme court nominations to the floor of the senate for a straight up yay or nay vote is sad. His lack of leadership when it comes to getting the Republican Party members of both house and senate to stand behind him in his choice for UN ambassador is also disquieting.
That President Bush would promote closer ties with a totally corrupt government south of the border at the expense of his own nations sovereign borders is at the very least questionable, and were we not at war, my language would be much harsher.
That he would put in place a national ID system under the guise of national security….and slide it in as an attachment because it doesn’t have the legs to make it on it’s own….Well, Mr President you claim to be somewhat familiar with the bible….what was that statement in there about the “Road to hell being paved with good intentions..” about? Might this be something you should perhaps take a little closer to heart?
I won’t be quite as dramatic as my friend Eric….I don’t think the Republic is dead yet. But I will concede she is not in the best of shape, no thanks to the underhanded efforts, by members of both parties, which are actively working against her. Right now she is like the gal in her thirties, who in feeling her biological clock ticking, is starting to succumb to the advances of that sharp dresser, and passionate speaker, Mr Empire. She mistakenly thinks this will allow her to continue in the style of life she remembers growing up in. He is a much better suitor (to her eyes) then that fella from across the sea, the wild eyed Mr Socialism.
In reality, Mr Empire, has some major control issues. As long as you agree with every thing he says, and go along with everything he does, there will not be any problems. And the longer you stay with him the more this becomes apparent. But one very seldom gets free of him without the loss of significant life, if at all. And if she happens to outlive him…well look at Great Britain…she outlasted her Empire. Now look at her, Ms Great Britain, now she is shacking up with Mr Socialism. But her days of glory are fastly receding behind her….and there are not many, if any, who well remember “The Glory That Was England”, first hand.
And this could become our fate. If we don’t deliver a smashing blow to the politically correct, socialistic, statists on the left, supply the folks on the right with a novel invention called a spine, and in as loud a voice as possible serve notice to President Bush, his duty is first and foremost to those with in the borders of this country. The rest of the world, in regards to our domestic affairs, the guarding and securing of our borders, and how we elect to handle those we have in custody (due to their actions in supporting the downfall of this country), be damned.



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4 responses to “Does Ms Republic Got The Hots For Mr Empire?

  1. Newsweek’s Victims

    Now all of a sudden the Newsweek source has developed a case of amnesia. How terribly convenient. So now after being the source for riots, in which people were killed, not to mention putting the lives of US forces in greater jeopardy, Newsweek is sor…

  2. Nice Insurrection ensign there!

  3. Back water, Sailor. The Real ID Act (I presume that is what you are referring to) doesn’t mandate a national ID, it simply makes a standard of what is required to call any State ID an ID for Federal purposes. There’s a difference.
    Anyway, and be advised I have my Shields up at Double-Front on this one, I fail to see the unbrage of the Right about a person identifying themselves when properly-legislated occasions call for it.
    Sir, your post decries the illegal immigration problem, but until we have some form of valid ID that we can properly ask people for, how the hell are we supposed to know their nationality?
    For want of a nail, the horseshoe was lost….

  4. The Real ID act is just pandering

    I think that the best way to control our borders is through another way. We do not need a fence or a National ID like Riverdog wants to see. The easiest way is to remove the incentive

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