Bill Whittle's Mightly Sword Defines Sanctuary

Bill’s mighty sword, is a combination of his cyber quill, a clarity of thought, and the God given talent of being able to transfer this wisdom to his electronic parchment. If you are in need of substance, to shore up your soul due to the constant onslaught of progressive, statist, “we know what’s best for you” thoughtspeak. Run, do not walk to here.
If you count yourself among the fellow travelers of the left and all they hold dear, but feel an unaccounted for emptiness where your soul should be, and want to begin your adventure toward the light of sanity and reason, go here. Drink deep from his well. Bill Whittle provides the very title of his essay, with every brush of his pen, and we are all the richer for it.


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One response to “Bill Whittle's Mightly Sword Defines Sanctuary

  1. the Humble Devildog

    …Guy? sorry about the OT post, but…shoot me an e-mail, please?
    It just so happens that I’ll be in the Rockford area on the 28th, and 29th of May….

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