Another Year Older…

and deeper in debt. Hard to believe, but today marks the one year anniversary of this bit of fluff on the net. If nothing else, it has allowed me a chance to blow off a little steam at any number of events which have caught my eye, and in this Americanized version of a Hyde Park Speakers corner, much ranting and pontificating, has indeed, occurred.
I have also had the pleasure of making many new acquaintances. Ccommunication via e-mail, IM, and land line, has allowed for indirect meeting with a number of fellow travelers. And I am richer for this. Sadly, for any number of reasons, I haven’t had the chance to met but one of you in person. (Though this may change in the next week, if we can get the logistics worked out. More on that in a future post.) With luck, the number of in person meetings will increase over the course of the next year.
As you may know, I have moved to Munuvia. (Thanks again to Eric, Jim, and all others who offered suggestions, support, and images.) Blogspot will hiccup for me no more. (The old site, will remain up until I can get the archives over here.)
What will be going on here? Well, much the same as before…but who knows what the future holds? I may try to write on other topics, then those of a political bent. I have been far too lax on any Navy news, and hope to correct that. There will be future visits from my dad (as the spirit moves me *grin*). If there is a chance to get in on the net radio side of the house (Radio DGCI rocked.) well, I would be hard pressed to say anything but “yes”. It was fun before, don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be so again.
Finally, I want to thank all of you who have taken the time and energy to stop by to look in on what is going on here at the Harbor. And as the mood strikes, to leave a comment or two. Some times I don’t get back to you as quick as I should have, but whether by a follow up comment, or by e-mail, I try to do so. For those who have honored me by linking, trackbacking, or adding my port in the storm to your blog roll(s), thank you very much. I hope I can continue to provide something you consider worth reading (if at the very least sporadically).
Lets see what the next year brings shall we?


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3 responses to “Another Year Older…

  1. Happy blogiversary!

  2. Congrats! May this next year bring you many friends and good times, on the web and in life.

  3. Thank you both gents! And the same back at you both when your sites pass that mile marker.

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