"Recruiting, The Media, And Reality" (Part Two)

This is a bit different than the last post. Though there are some similarities. The biggest being parental influence. And to a lesser extent, that of some medical professionals out there, who willingly follow the “flavor of the day” in treating those who seek answers to their (alleged) medical concerns.
I am talking about kids, asthma, and wanting to (eventually) join the uniformed services.

Eligibility Determinations and Waivers
b. Medical Waiver
(1) In addition to the medical requirements for enlistment contained in the
Army Regulation 40-501 and the Manual of the Medical Department
Chapter 15), the following additional information is provided to determine
whether a request for a medical waiver should be submitted:
• Asthma. The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) has granted
waiver authority for asthma in remission to CHBUMED. Prior to
submitting an asthma waiver request, ensure that the examining
physician has written in Block 25 of the DD Form 2807-1 the last date of
occurrence of symptoms of asthma, reactive airway disease, exercise
induced bronchospasm, wheezy bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, or any
pulmonary symptoms that may interfere with duties or restrict activities,
and the age of the applicant on that date.
(2) Refer applicants who report experiencing any of the following asthma
symptoms to CHBUMED via CNRC (Code 00M) for waiver consideration.
(a) Episodes documented in the medical record as asthma, reactive
airway disease, exercise-induced broncho-spasm, wheezy bronchitis,
or asthmatic bronchitis.
(b) Documented history of a cough, wheezing, or shortness of breath
generally lasting 6 months or longer.
(c) Complaints of any breathing problems that interfere with performance
of duty or restriction of activities.
(d) History of using an inhaler for any reason.
(e) Cases where a clear determination cannot be made on the above
(f) History of asthma or suspected history thereof, at any point the
applicant’s past medical history.

The above was from the “Recruiting Manual (Enlisted)”. This was an older copy (circa 2001) which was found via google and was a PDF file. There may have been changes since this was published, your best source of up-to-date information regarding eligibility is your recruiter! Talk with them.
But getting back to my original point. If all you have is mom’s belief (or grandma’s or Auntie Rottencrouch’s) that you suffered from asthma, and you want to get in the service…bring medical documentation. The recruiter can not diagnose your symptoms, but they can (and will) submit your paperwork to the appropriate personnel for review or disposition, if you are sincere in wanting a career in the service. We had a case of an applicant who was active in the school track program, ran in marathons, but during the interview, claimed their doctor told them (No, I am not going to name names…sheesh) they had “Sports Asthma”. ™ Well, they brought in the supporting paperwork (frankly, we found this one hard to believe), and by god, they *did* have it listed as such….claimed it hurt after running *x* number of miles….well, most folks I know, who do any running at all note it isn’t a picnic (go figure). But again, let the doctors at the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and or the medical review board(s) make the call as to whether or not you can join…that’s what they get paid the big bucks for. Your mom, aunt, or grandma, however much they love you, are not doctors (okay, there are doctors who are mothers, aunts, and grandmothers….put a sock in it you smart asses *grin*), and neither are the recruiters, but they know what avenues can be taken to address any medical concerns the potential enlistee may have, and in most cases, that is getting the paperwork submitted up the chain for review.

Finally, I wanted to address Militantpundit’s aggravation about “Doug Smith’s comments”.
As I commented in direct response to his post:

He may have a kernel of truth there….but it is not impossible to work around if you are actually dealing with the correct DBM [Dominant Buying Motive–ed]. (assuming the girls he is interviewing have authority to buy…and it is not their parents who have to sign on the line first).

Again, as with the young man who ended up having charges filed against him for “Disloyal Statements” (see previous post–ed), there seems to be more here then meets the eye. I am willing to bet “The War” ™ has had an effect on all branches being able to meet their goals for recruiting….but this has to some degree always been at least a minor concern of any person who wants to enter the service. (“Hey, what are my chances of getting shot?”…”Not much bucky, you said you wanted to be a cook in the Navy right??”)
Chances are our intrepid Army fella, Smith, was not addressing the real concerns, or real desires of his potential recruits. I have seen, first hand, when you meet the wants, desires, and needs correctly, of anyone who walks through your recruiting office door, barring an unknown (such as an undiagnosed medical concern…discovered at MEPS), they ARE going to join. IF getting shot at, or injured, or captured is a concern (it is rarely “The War”, but rather, the by products of same which is the “real concerns”), you address these as straight forward and as honestly as you can. The real underlying issue may be having to address anti-war sentiment the potential recruit has received from :
1. The MSM
2. Parents (see last post-again -ed)
3. School councilors/Teachers
4. Personal/Religious beliefs
You can counter the first three with the truth. It is that simple…it may take a little time (if this is in fact their “real” objection…otherwise meeting their needs, wants, desires, will cause it to go “poof”.) but it can be done. Personally, I wouldn’t try to deal with the last one, especially if religion is the bottom line, in my mind there are enough other folks out there who would not have this as a concern. BUT, on the other hand there *are* openings all the time for religious personnel who work directly with and for the various Chaplin’s…so there is a potential objection which could be turned to a positive reason to join….(but poor Douglas would probably not want to send someone to the Chaplin Corps…after all there is a war on–{/snark})
If their parents are the ones who have to sign the papers in order for them to join, (if they are under 18, mom-dad-or guardian have the real authority to buy in many cases, but not all.) but if they are over 18 this shouldn’t be an issue (again there are exceptions…some folks still have the umbilical cord attached until the day they die).
But to blame their failure solely on the war…..I call bull shit on this one, Douglas ol’ boy. Perhaps it is time for you to get back to your real MOS…and put recruiting behind you, if your Recruiter in Charge, or the Chief Recruiter for your Recruiting District hasn’t sent you on your way already.
But what do you say out there….any recruiters want to comment? How about you Marines out there….I know you get this question all the time, cause you are the first to go anywhere….even before it usually becomes formalized.



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2 responses to “"Recruiting, The Media, And Reality" (Part Two)

  1. Sorry off subject but thanks for the heads up on the Register Star’s article on blogs – What a load of CRAP, imagine listing The Rockford Files Blog which I didn’t include in my list because it hasn’t been updated since January 27, 2005. WTF, Power and Control, you, I – and with my post if you google Rockford Blog my blog is the second entry! (Speaking of which, I think I remember someone doing that last week)
    That and Syverson, who I helped get elected years ago (pre-blogs) with that old “fact check” line that distinguishes the old from the modern.
    Check me in a day or two for some ideas.
    Thanks again,

  2. Dave,
    The Register (Red) Star, is living in a little world all their own. And one suspects as their circulation continues to decline, while the powers that be remain clueless as to the reason(s) why, either another out of state publishing consortium will scoop up the paper, or it will fold and the Trib will start putting out a “Chicago Tribune-Rockford/Hinterlands of Northern Illinois” edition. Sooner or later either the editorial stance will change, or a real effort will be put forth to tie into the blogging community (both at the local level and at large)in order to reach a broader base of readers.
    At least with the “Rock River Times” you know where they stand almost from page one, they make no bones about their political view point, or try to appear to be fair and balanced. And although I don’t subscribe to their politics, at least I can respect their honesty in being up front about their leanings.

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