Send Hanoi Jane a "Kiss"

Figuratively, of course!! Let her know how much you appreciate all she has said and done for the many Vietnam era vets, for the families of those who never returned from that Southeast Asian conflict. What’s that you’re saying?? She didn’t do a damn thing for the vets…she was anti-war to the point of being a traitor?? …. As most of you know, seriously, this is not anything new. That she has, in recent years, been trying to put her own version out there, as opposed to what is really “the truth”, is sad but not unexpected. This is a typical stock in trade reaction from the progressive/liberal side of the street, if you don’t like history/your past, re-invent same.
You want to send a small, but clear signal you are not buying into her repackaged bs? Well funny you should ask, Russ Vaughn sent me a link to a San Diego “classic rock” radio station, which is running a poll (its on the right hand column as you look here. This should be a nice little tweek from all of us to the “Traitor who set the standard for all the others who followed (Kerry, M. Moore, etc). I am of the opinion, if they get enough response for this…it could effect the number of theaters who elect to show her film (Especially theaters near military installations, or military retiree communities.)
Anyhow go vote…an show one of Hollywood’s finest, shinning examples of “morally bankrupt” how much you “support” her.(It’s true…look in the encyclopedia…right next to “morally bankrupt actress” is a picture of Hanoi Jane.)

(And she is still truly unrepentant after all these years…..traitorous bitch!)
Btw, as of 11am this morning the “keep her movie out of theaters near military installations” was at 76%. Those who would support dried up old crones having their films shown were just a tad over 23%. And this was in the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts…..maybe there is hope for California yet.
It seems as of Sunday Morning, the radio station has changed their poll. The Fonda question is history now. But as of 11:25pm, Saturday night those who would want her film not to be shown still had around 64% against those who would have no problem with it being shown at theaters near military installations 35%.
My solution to this concern is as follows. Once you are either doing a long stretch in a federal pen, or have been sent to “the great protest march in the sky”, via the judicial use of “Kevorkian Joy Juice” ™ , because you have been found guilty of treasonit is terrifically hard to make any movies period…so end of concern. Your mileage may vary.

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  1. oino sakai

    I voted to ban her and the site reported that 90% of the votes were in her favor. I think the Democrats are counting the votes here, too ….

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