Too Close To Call..

Yes I found the following here. But in these days of the left being increasingly hard to parody, because they do such a good job in doing so by their real life actions….I give you the following….”We provide, you decide”….fact, or fiction. (Oh, you might want to set your coffee down, if only to prevent tossing the cup at the monitor.)

Bush Fuels Hate of Satan, Albright Says
Tue Mar 30 2004 19:45:48 ET
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told a crowd at the Yale Divinity School Tuesday that she is concerned President Bush is fueling the hate of Satan and his followers.
She said the worrying is in response to the President�s statement suggesting that Satan is behind all the evil in the world.
“Satan is terribly misunderstood,” Albright said. “He might be responsible for some evil, but all?”
“Think about it. He was kicked out of heaven and the other angels got to stay,” Albright reflected. “You would be mad too and a little unhappy. Plus Old Nick always gets blamed when something goes bad. How would you like to carry that burden? And calling him the father of lies is just insulting.”
“If President Bush would just open a dialogue with Satan and his followers. Put together a plan to win Satan’s heart and mind. We would have a chance at getting along with him and his followers,” Albright said. “There would be a chance for peace between the realm of Satan and man.”
“But all this talk of evil this and evil that, and invoking the name of God just upsets the Devil and his followers,” Albright stated. “We have to remember it was God that kicked him out. His rights were probably violated.”
Albright said she believes, as the Bush Administration does, that Satan has his problems, but she questioned the wisdom of a continuing to attack the Devil.
“I did not believe there was a connection to Satan and the apple thing,” Albright said. “It’s pure myth, we just didn’t have the right intelligence in place. Now’s the time to back off a little and see if we can work things out.”



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2 responses to “Too Close To Call..

  1. Cookies and Gourmet Coffee for Our Troops

    This may be off topic, but I believe it is a worthy project. Move America Forward is participating in Gourmet Coffee for Our Troops.

  2. Guy,
    You got my blood boiling over this Madeline Nobrain post. Talk to the devil? Check my blog entry June 5th for my answer to her,

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