Somewhere Out There…

I was looking at pictures McGehee and his better half are posting (along with an ongoing travelogue) here. My Great Uncle Bill must have passed on his wanderlust (and itchy feet) to me, after looking at these pictures, I find I really miss the kind of wide open spaces, and spectacular beauty you can only find West of Ft Worth (using I-20 as the east-west road of choice), west of Nebraska, or Kansas for that matter.
The reason I-20 comes to mind is I traveled many times on that road between TX and CA for personal and governmental reasons. Loved the drive and the views were something (The stars at night *are* big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!). I am also old enough to remember what it was like traveling on the *original* Route 66. Although, we were in my dad’s Impala vice a corvette, at that time. Still the little towns and hamlets you pass through….the truck stops/greasyspoons, the old tourist traps (often times with fake *Indian* names, especially the further west you went), the sky taking on a noticeably clearer and darker shade of blue. Looking across vast stretches of land, where hawks did lazy circles in the sky and dust devils, unhindered by fence, or road, criss -crossed the countryside.
All this brings back a smile. When we are young and let loose upon the world, we want to be away from our family to strike out on our own, to be as far distant from what ever environment we grew up in as possible. The Navy was my ticket out, your mileage may have varied. Then, there comes a time when you realize, what you grew up with did have value and worth (even if memories are all you may be left with). It was great (for me) to be back, at least with in driving distance of family and the town I grew up in.
There is a final stage to go, at least for me. Somewhere that is unfettered from the daily grind. When, at some point of time, someone else is left to deal with the rat race, the two car garage, the meetings, ticket punching, mass media produced consumer got to have it now, where is the nearest mall, damn I missed American Idol mindset.
Green Acres poked fun at this, 40 years ago, but the kernel of truth was there. It’s there in all of us to a greater or lesser degree. To go beyond the next hill, across the sea, beyond the sunset…
It’s in me…I have felt it more and more over the past few years. McGehee’s pictures…caressed that longing, quite unexpectedly. There are obligations, responsibilities, duty, honor, and love….which hold me here…but there will come a day, a time, when I can take my love, and go …..maybe ending up in a place like this. (SondraK, thanks for sharing this particular look at America, even though it is in California.) I know there are similar finds in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, or even New Mexico.
So, where would you like to end up…after your reach your personal “ten count” in your own version of the daily grind?


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