The Music Meme Strikes Again!

Mark (or did Dolly put that *bug* in his ear *grin*) over at Baby Troll Blog has tagged me (so I guess the answer to my question of “a meme being a terrible thing to waste” has been addressed to Mark’s satisfaction.). But, if I may be so bold, I place the blame for this all on Fran’s shoulders. If I can find two copies of “The Best of Barry Manilow”, I may just have to FedEx one to each of the gentlemen above. (Bwahahahaha)
So, on to the questions at hand:
1. What’s the last popular tune that got stuck in your head?
If memory serves, it was “Bicycle” by Queen. Not sure what caused it…but it would pop in and out all day. It wasn’t that bad of a situation as I happen to like Queen, ‘specially the vintage stuff.
2. What popular tunes do you most dread to hear, because they get stuck in your head?
Though I doubt it would count as “a popular tune” (unless you are at the 5-6 year old level), but anything done by cloying children’s critters. Surly, there resides at about the seventh circle of hell, a Muzak system playing nothing but “Barney’s Greatest Hits”. (There is one exception, I rather enjoy the tunes on the “Blue’s Clues tapes. Hey, when you have grandkids, you are required to know some of this stuff.) As far as more “adult” fare, and I use the term “adult” loosely, anytime I hear “Don’t Rock The Boat” (by La Barge I think) that is good for an ear worm. And I think it has been used on a couple of commercials now and again, so yes, it is possible to hear it from time to time.
3. When last you were in a commercial establishment, and their “courtesy” music caused a tune to get stuck in your head:
a. Where were you?
b. What was the tune?
c. Did you complete the transaction you’d gone there for, or did you flee screaming and vowing never to return?

I can’t remember the particulars, but the following holds true, for any of the following tunes/recording artists…
I agree with Mark and Fran on this one, Barry Manilow, tunes. Not so much because, they were all that bad (rap and hip-hop have hardened me to most everything else), but because back in the day, they were beating us over the head with ’em on the “Top 40” AM stations. I do break out in a cold sweat, hearing any Bobby Goldsboro, Captain and Tenille (Though Toni Tenille, would have made a passable lounge/torch singer had she been packaged better.), or that all time classic *cough* *cough*, “Afternoon Delight” (cue the old “urping” dj voice- by the Starlight Vocal Band!!). None of these will prevent me from finishing the shopping task at hand…but I will need copious amounts of adult beverage to help achieve balance again.
4. When last a television commercial caused a tune to get stuck in your head:
a. What was the commercial for?
b. What was the tune?
c. Did you shrug it off, or vow never again to patronize the establishment?

Not watching all that m uch television, I can’t remember anything recent. But through the magic of the Internet, and winamp, you can listen to old-time commercials to your hearts content. Btw, did you know the “Flinstones” (Fred and Barney…in an amazing look at how things have changed in 40 years) did a Winston cigarette commercial…yes, it did have the jingle too ~”Winston tastes good, like a (clap-clap) cigarette should!”~
5. What is your usual recourse when a tune gets irritatingly, stubbornly, maddeningly stuck in your head?
Either find a good book to occupy the brain cells with, (along the lines of the old “feed the computer-find the square root of pi trick”…done on the original Star Trek series *grin*.) or more adult beverages!!
6. What five bloggers would you like to afflict, ah, infect with this meme?
I don’t know if I can come up with five. let’s see….perhaps if I toss the gauntlet here…
Eric, at Bitheads Blog
Mike, or “J” at the CIA
Militantpundit at Making Tomorrows Military Today
If anyone else is willing to take the plunge, let me know…why should I be the only one to ear worm my life away.*grin*

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