Hazing (part 1)

I read two articles, both talking about the same thing. Hazing in the military, specifically the Navy. Both are from accredited news sources. But notice what a difference omitting select information puts on the immediacy of the stories. And (in the case of the second article) gives a better idea as to why and Admiral had to address this.
The first comes from AP
The second from “The Virginian-Pilot”
The AP article leaves out important information. Such as, these incidents have apparently gone on over a two year time frame. This takes some of the sting out of it. AP making it appear all this happened in the same time frame. (Much like a frat hazing…or perhaps the Sailors having the same kind of attitude those in the NG had at Abu Ghraib?) The AP article does not mention (and to be fair, does not directly imply that their were females “hazed”. But knowing there are females on many ships these days, it leaves that an open ended question…and perhaps speculation (for bringing back memories of “tailhook”?) again, sins of omission.
It can be argued there is a time and place for what can be called hazing. And the Virginian Pilot article, being much more detailed in it’s quotes from the Admiral, in my mind, seek to promote this kind of discussion(good for them!).
The bottom line. Hats off to Jack Dorsey and the Virginian-Pilot. In providing all information needed to get a full flavor as to what was going on. Yes, it smacks of political correctness (ie: Hazing is NOT NICE…heck, let’s face it, it’s just plain NAUGHTY!), though the comments, especially those by Presiding Admiral Nowakowski, smack of being the end result of decades long social engineering.


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