What Book Meme…

I don’t see any book meme….*sigh*, okay Billy Budd returns from playing “Pirates of the Caribbean” a tiger cruise on the “Love Boat” ™ , refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the blogosphere. So what does he do? He shares “a little something he picked up” with five of us, that didn’t go off singing “A Pirates Life For Me” with him….the nerve I tells ya. (Hope your trip was every bit as enjoyable as you hoped it would be.)
Now, as for the “gift” he brought me… (hey, a t-shirt, or hurricane glass would have been more then enough *grin*) as with most bloggers, I love books. So, that being said…on with the meme….
1.Total number books I own:
I could not give you an actual count. I would say just counting the paperbacks and hardbounds….at least 500-800. If you add in the periodicals, and the graphic novels/comics (boxed and stuck in storage) you could easily double that amount. Everything from cookbooks to comics. Add my better half’s books and the ones we twisted the kids arms the boys have, well, then I have no idea.
2. Last book I bought:
Three of them actually…A cookbook for my sweetie. An old paperback copy of “None Dare Call It Treason”. And Robert Bork’s, “Slouching Toward Gomorrah”. (I love used book stores!)
3. Last book I read:
Working on the Bork book listed above, but the last one I finished was probably a re-read of Heinlein’s “The Number Of The Beast” (and no, it wasn’t the illustrated version, a number of folks say exists out there..please give me the ISBN for that, I would love to try and find it.). I guess you could add most of John Stormer’s “None Dare Call It Treason”….some good common sense stuff in there…but in one sense a real depressing book…make no mistake about it, it was an alarmist call to turn things around before the communists took over. Funny thing is, (or sad, depending on your sense of humor. Or more correctly your sense of irony.) going by what we are facing today, if you take the word “communist” and replace it with either “liberal” or “progressive”, the book is suddenly very current and up to date. And that is a forty year old book.
4.Five Books Of Notable Influence On Me:
This *is* a tough one. Though it might sound like a cop out, I can not think of any one book which was (or is) my philosophical “Rosetta Stone”. Most everything I have read has left some sort of impression, either enforcing life’s lessons learned, or giving one pause to re evaluate things. The Bible would be one. (or many, depending on what the meaning of “books” is). Not only because of the telling tale of “One Solitary Life”, but how it’s been the moral foundation for Western Civilization, and this country in particular. Whether or not you believe it is the anointed word of G-d, reading it can promote discussion about who and what we are (and other pretty deep discussions as well). Going in a somewhat different direction, there is “The Lord Of The Rings. (yes, I know it is three books, but it is one story, so get over it *grin*) A classic tale of good verses evil, and the nature of man. Then there is “my Heinlein Trilogy” ™ ; “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”, “Starship Troopers”, and “Job: A Comedy of Justice”, all three gave me plenty to digest and think about. Would the Navy’s “Blue Jacket Manual” count? That little tome, certainly helped in molding this old Sailor, better then 20 years ago. I know there are more…fact is, each book leaves a mark, some much deeper than others…but with half a century under the belt, it’s hard to point fingers.
5.Five Poor Bastards “Lucky Winners” © To Tag With This:
Feisty Repartee: I am a nosy sort, and as Christina has helped to expand the fictional content of the web with her wonderful projects I wondered what she found of interest.
Just Another Young Pup: My favorite college dude (okay he’s my first born, sometimes nepotism is a good thing).
Smoke On The Water: What literary works float Jim’s boat, down Galveston way?
The Steiner Aid: Do paratroopers read? I know Red has great musical tastes, but what page turners keep him up all night? Inquiring minds want to know!
Drunken Wisdom: Hey, let’s see if they know what a book is in Stillman Valley *grin*! (no rivalry between our two little hamlets…none at all.)



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4 responses to “What Book Meme…

  1. Bork is a very smart dude that makes me feel like I have spent most of my life watching Jerry Springer picking out my relatives. I love books and have found most bloggers are well read and intellectually thirsty for the written word.
    Thanks for playing!

  2. Billy,
    Either that, or we can’t figure out the remote for the Tv/DVD player *grin*. Thanks for passing this along.

  3. Okay….since I was tagged I might as well play. 😛

  4. I promised

    Guy S. of Snugg Harbor tagged me with a book meme. I promised him I would oblige, so here goes: 1.Total number books I own: Oh, Lord. I have no clue. There are books overflowing from bookcases, on night stands,…

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