Durban and Company: A Confederacy of Dunces

Dick Durban, Senator from Illinois is saying and doing exactly what the constituents who elected him want him to do. Being surprised about this morally misshapen individual, and anything he or his fellow band of travelers say, who are doing nothing more then being mouthpieces for their followers and those of their ilk too timid, or who have agendas of their own in play, is crazy. And yet, those of us with a proper understanding of the events he used to illustrate his point, during his last bit of public speaking, act surprised. Yes, he was wrong. Yes, he quickly scaled to the top of those liberal/progressive twin towers of disrespect and disingenuousness, saying what he did about our service members actions. Yes, there should be action taken by his fellow Senators, with censure being the minimal option available. But to be surprised…no…not a bit …not any more. Because when you have no morals, ethics, or what used to be known as standards of conduct as your guideline…you can, and will, do or say anything in order to reach your goal(s). Durban and others have followed this path for years…so again, why are we surprised.
Folks, they don’t care what they say or do. Because those who placed them in office (if not publicly, at least privately) agree with them. It’s just that simple, and just that sad. Add to this, as the Democratic Party appears to be crashing and burning, want to take odds on a certain NY junior Senator, coming forward in the next year or so….as a centrist voice of reason, in her announced run for the oval office? This is a great way to set that up. And a good way for a lot of middle of the road folks to suck it up with out appearing to be all that liberal. Don’t think it can happen? who ever heard of the Governor of Arkansas before or so? And *he* was going to be the next President? Yeah, right! Love her (god forbid!!) or hate her, she is far more cutthroat and Machiavellian then her cigar smoking husband, ever dreamt of being.
Durban, Dean, Boxer, et all are nothing but fools and house shills. Understand what they say is supposed to inflame, as well as speak toward those who elected them. That we are at all surprised is beyond me. That nothing has been done (other then lip flapping) by those supposedly elected on the “non moonbat side of the house”, should be the real concern. For it paints a picture of the house and senate being nothing more then a “good ol’ boys network”. And this will lead to voter disenchantment, disenfranchisement, and quite possibly a return to the time when Democrats and their fringe elements were making inroads into both.
Until those we placed in office, assume the mantle of leadership, a majority in both house and senate, and the executive branches of government entitles….DEMANDS of them, this will never stop. And until the voting public, at large, are willing to elect and support those who honestly want a return to the “Republic” as proscribed by the Constitution, this same unconscionable language and action, by those on the left, will continue.
Write your Senator, congress critter(s), the Speaker of the House, and Majority Leader of the Senate. Let them know (politely of course) your feelings on this. Tell em in no uncertain terms, the time for compromise is past. The folks on the other side of the aisle only seek to use that fig leaf to their advantage, or not at all. Let them know, you support a strong defense, a return to a stricter interpretation of the Constitution. And a judiciary which is not there to make the law but to insure it is followed, and or constitutionally valid.
Perhaps, if enough of the so called “silent majority” speak up, it can make a difference in their level of intestinal fortitude. Failing this, a strong reminder come the next elections, in the form of a vote for “new blood” to warm a Senate or Congressional seat, will provide the answer. The only option after that (or maybe even before) is “Tar + feathers…just add politician.” Senator Durban sounds like a good first choice, for this last option. What do you think?
Oh, and as amazing as it seems, I did not unintentionally misspell the Senator’s name. I know there is supposed to be an *i* vice an *a* before the last n. But why give him any hits if at all possible. Maybe I should just call him “Senator Dustbin”, as in he belongs in the dustbin of history.


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  1. Well said! I have posted of few things on Dirtbag Durbin over at my blog. Needless to say, he would not be pleased with what I had to say.
    Oh well.

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