Five Things Society At Large Enjoys, But That I, For The Most Part, Just Don't Get…"

Well, That 1 Guy must have been dreaming about the good life here down the road in Byron, again. He dropped off a meme….can’t let the folks in Stillman think someone from Byron is not up to a challenge….so, here we go!
1. Cell Phones: Yeah I know this is the same first answer as Joe had…but for something which at best is a necessary evil in the work day world…why on earth would I want to be available where ever I’m at 24/7? We have less and less of our daily time which can be set aside for family, friends, or self…why have the time needed to recharge be possibly interrupted by someone taking advantage of same. (And the same goes for pagers, PDA’s, and the like.)
2. Jerry Lewis Movies: Okay, the guy has done a lot of good generating monies for MD….but does he have to be such a putz? And other then the *spit* French *spit*, after five minutes of watching any of his films, or shtick…well he’s the cinematic version of an ear worm. And Tom Cruise…is another over rated Actor…with an ego hundreds of times larger then his talent.
3. Jane Fonda/Susan Surandan/Rosie O’Donnell, et all: What is it with those in the acting profession over the past 40 years or so? (not all, but a large majority) Why do they think anything exiting their pie hole has worth or value, just because they said it? And whether it be traitor, useful fool, or just tool, how do they get a pass from having to deal with the consequences of their actions? This includes most of the male actors as well…and any number of producers and directors…but I only have so much space. And the entertainment infatuated media gives them credence? (Granted for these moonbats…they are fawned over by throngs of foolish fellow travelers.) And in a similar vain….why do people buy stuff specifically endorsed by said turkeys (The old “Jane Fonda Workout Tapes”, for example)? Is it better just because it has her butt sticking out at ya?
4. Hip Hop/Rap “music”: Riddle me this Rapmaster…how good of a con job is being put over on all the kids (regardless of race….saw a lot of wanna be “ganstas” in the lilly white suburbs of Chicago when I was on recruiting duty for the Navy…so this tripe crosses all races and ethnic boundaries) who listen, buy, and emulate the *artists” of this thing laughingly called music. Now some of it may be able to be passed off as poetry….but NONE of it can be considered to be music by any stretch of ones musical imagination. And we won’t even go into the mangling of the “kings English”, let alone the sterling values promoted by same.
5. Soccer: My dad’s dad will spin a bit faster in his grave….as he thought the world of this particular game. And loads of American moms seem to have a special place in their hearts for it as well…but I find it boring. It was boring when we played it at intramural level in high school. It is boring on tv. (hyper active announcers aside) It is a yawner watching it from the stands. You could however, teach me the fundamentals of Rugby, and lets take in a game…that sounds fun! Now there is a real manly *full contact* sport with no padding, and lots of attitude.
And there you have it. Five things, people, or events a large chunk of society find enjoyable (or have found enjoyable) at one time or another….that leave me cold. This time around I am not directly passing this one along….but if you want to take a stab at it…drop me an e-mail and let me know.



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3 responses to “Five Things Society At Large Enjoys, But That I, For The Most Part, Just Don't Get…"

  1. I’m with you on all five, Guy. Frankly, there are days I think they should all be punishable offenses. Imagine the humiliation one would experience on being hauled before a court for the dastardly deed of “committing soccer in public”!

  2. “He shoots….He scores….He’s in gaol…GAOL!!
    (sorry couldn’t resist *grin*)

  3. What is so wonderful about soccer is that there is little chance of a humiliating blowout. The difference between superstar and benchwarmer is so much “fairer”. Feh.

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