"We Are Marching??"

The Internet is ablaze with passionate prose, regarding the latest actions taken by SCOTUS. There has been some suggestions, as to what could be done next, everything from writing your elected local, State, and Federal officials, to preparing for hard times ahead. But Og at Neanderpundit comes up with what could be a great idea. One which would not only show the breath and depth of people who are passionate about this. But sets the stage for networking among those of us who may have only dealt with each other by *electronic means*. Og’s idea would be having a “The Nation of Riflemen March”.
This idea has merit. If enough people can be gathered, as it would be something which would work only with volume. Say at least a quarter million or higher are found to be on the mall below the Washington Monument, it would be rather hard to ignore by the “Powers That Be”. ™
With bloggers, and others, who are the heart of “We The People”, taking turns at the Mic speaking their peace. Perhaps other *splinter demonstrations* (peaceful of course) at various places in DC as well. If all this was sprinkled with a few *high profile* types, that would help get and perhaps hold media exposure/interest. But having the voice of the people doing the talking would seem to be the way to go.
So, how is something like this organized? And is anyone interested?



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5 responses to “"We Are Marching??"

  1. It’s feasable. I wouldn’t give it a name that has the words gun or rifle in it, though. Anytime you get demonstrators together there will be a stigma of kookiness attached to it. There’s no point in giving the media additional ammunition to use against us.
    As to how to organize such an event, I have no idea.

  2. Nope, it has to be a march to support the Constitution. If the MSM got word it had anything to do with guns or gunbloggers, they would deride the whole thing as being some political dirty trick by the NRA, and the effect would be mostly lost.

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  4. We are Marching, the title of your article took me off on a tangent. My grandson likes to visit the Noggin web site where there is a song about dinosaurs. ” We are the dinosaurs, marching marching, We are the dinosaurs we make the Earth flat.”
    I have often been called a dinosaur by some of my “progressive” associates because of my ancient thought processes, actually believing in Liberty as it was recorded in our founding documents and discussions about religion being important to me.
    So, when I read your article about a march on Washington’s Mall I suppose such a march of dinosaurs could be a very good comparison to my grandson’s song. We might just be able to flaten some things, iron them out with a unity of effort.

  5. I’m all in for a march on D.C. – just not so that it turns a scared GWB into FDR and we become like the Bonus Marchers. 😦

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