Reconstitute the Constitution

The Constitution has been wounded. The most recent and grievous by SCOTUS in the last week. If people are willing, it can be healed. And applying new laws or amendments to buttress the old is not the answer.
When it was crafted, the language used was simple, direct, and straight forward.
What is so hard to understand about:
Congress shall make no law!!
The President shall…
The Supreme Court will do no more then….
and on and on.
But in looking at an “anointed version” of the Constitution put out by the GPO (Government Printing Office), we can find the following

“The Senate’s role in appointments and treaties checks the President. The courts are assured independence through good behavior tenure and security of compensation, and the judges through judicial review will check the other two branches. The impeachment power gives to Congress the authority to root out corruption and abuse of power in the other two branches.”
“Analysis and Interpretation of the Constitution
Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States Senate Document No. 103-6”
1992 Edition Hereafter referred to as “The Anointed Constitution”

If our Congress would act within the existing boundaries as set up by the Constitution, those who arrived at this decision, would be brought to task as to what damage they have (or potential damage) done to the very body of work they are sworn to protect and defend. As with the thousands of gun laws on the books…yet there is a push at least once a year to add even more. When enforcing straight forward law, and consistently arriving at decisions would send a much clearer message to the public at large along with the transgressors out there.

“…some of the Federalist judges who were propagandizing the country through grand jury charges and other means. The theory of extreme latitude was enunciated by Senator Giles of Virginia during the impeachment trial of Justice Chase. ‘‘The power of impeachment was given without limitation to the House of Representatives; and the power of trying impeachments was given equally without limitation to the Senate. . . . A trial and removal of a judge upon impeachment need not imply any criminality or corruption in him. . . [but] nothing more than a declaration of Congress to this effect: You hold dangerous opinions, and if you are suffered to carry them into effect you will work the destruction of the nation. We want your offices, for the purpose of giving them to men who will fill them better.’’ 772 Chase’s counsel responded that to be impeachable, conduct must constitute an indictable offense. 773 Though Chase’s acquittal owed more to the political divisions in the Senate than to the merits of the arguments, it did go far to affix the latter reading to the phrase ‘‘high Crimes and Misdemeanors’’ until the turbulent period following the Civil War. 774”
“Page 588 Anointed Constitution”

If recent actions of a large number of our Supreme court Justices does not qualify for “High Crimes and Misdemeanours” (and that would include those who ruled for McCain-Feingold), then one would be hard pressed to find an instance where this criteria could ever be met.
No, no amendment is needed. No beating of breast, as to what to do next, is required….it is, in fact, already established within the existing rulings and history of this great document. All it takes is a strong cry from the ones who really *are* the Republic…..We the People….to those in whose trust we placed our faith to carryout the affairs of state.


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