News? What News?

Listening to the news at 11am (ABC’s Midwestern “corporate” station. Top story, The wildfires out west. followed by Florida beaches are all open, after the shark incidents of a day or so ago. With a mention of the President speaking tonight. And that for the most part, was it.
Nothing on the rulings by SCOTUS from yesterday, or earlier last week. Guess the loss of one Amendment is not considered newsworthy. And maybe they are getting tired of the ten commandments cause there was no major discussion along those lines either. As for mentioning the President’s speech…..I think it is more a case of the vultures circling over what they think is going to be fresh meat. In other words, the MSM is expecting President Bush to capitulate to moonbat pressure and announce a time frame for getting the troops out of Afghanistan/Iraq. Up to now, he has stated we will be there “for as long as it takes”. I hate to be the one to break it to them, but I don’t see him changing his mind anytime soon. Should be some interesting breast beating right after the speech is finished tonight.
Well, guess if the media mavens are to be believed, there is nothing to see here…just keep moving along all ye little sheep…as soon as we can get the current group of fascists errmmm…cowboys..aaaaa…all of the above, (heh, yeah that’s the ticket) and get Hillary in office, we will let you know that all is right with the world, and peace is at hand.
And they wonder why their readership (in the case of the print media), and viewership are sinking lower with each passing day.


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  1. I listened to the President on the radio. He gave one heck of a good speech. Two thumbs up…three if I had the extra one.

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