Evil strikes at the heart of England

Evil, whether manifesting itself in the form of a supernatural being (and his minions), as the equal and opposite cosmic force to good or as the tangible form of “chaos” against “order”, is real, it exists. It found form, substance, and showed it’s malignancy in London today.
A group calling itself, “The Secret Organization of Al Quaeda in Europe”, claims responsiblity, as the agent of evil, in bringing about at least 4 explosions in London this morning. Striking at both the British underground, and at least one double-decker bus. Current estimates, via Sky News, state 45 are dead at this moment (9:40 CDST) and upwards of 1000 are injured.
At this moment, the world has expressed it’s shock and offers it’s condolences to the strongest ally we have had in the past four years. But the same evil which set this in motion today, will not stay static. When will we hear, this is all America’s, Israel’s, Western civilizations fault? When will we hear the voice of hate from the Middle East speak out with pride, about today’s actions? Who will be the first voice from the left, be they Senator, Congressman, “talking head”, to either blame the President, or talk about our need to accept the guilt for all that is wrong with the world?
May we witness, because of today’s actions, a return in England, to the same attitude which prompted Winston Churchill to exclaim “This is our finest hour”, when things were at there darkest. May they know, we stand by their side, as they did for us almost four years ago. Let today’s actions be the crucible which tempers our resolve, and strengthen our bonds in the fight against evil. May we finally be able to strike a blow against the Wahabists…in a way they are capable of understanding. Islam reminds us they kept the sciences and mathematics alive during the dark ages….let’s give them some simple math….for every one of our innocents who fall…you shall find tens of thousands nothing but ash and memory. For every city, building, or monument damaged or destroyed….your holiest of hollies shall exist only in your memory, with future generations only knowing a shiny glass “marker” as to it’s former location.
Perhaps now the half steps will stop, the gloves will come off, and finally we will let loose the dogs of war in all their fury. There is no other acceptable course of action.



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2 responses to “Evil strikes at the heart of England

  1. I would like to hope the gloves would indeed come off, but as you know, for better or worse we have short memories. The 3/11 Madrid bombings did not remind us of how vulnerable we are, and this attack will not either. Once again, Americans will think for a few days about it, but after that it will not come into our minds. The sad truth of it is that only those who live through these moments of horror have an idea of what is going on. Those who are sympathetic towards our enemies I believe would not be so sympathetic if thier family, or they themselves would have been in London yesturday, NYC on 9/11 or Madrid on 3/11.
    I hope I am wrong, I really do.

  2. Response

    Yes it’s a linkfest. The reason ? Response to 7/7
    Not the whining sissy response of the left-radical-apeacement-wussy’s, but the couragous response of Britons and those wanting the world to end terrorism like this. Anger, Defiance, and Reason are

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