Real Life and Odds and Ends

Due to being under the weather, and a couple of other odds and ends posting has been light the last few days…. I hope to see some improvement by tomorrow. The would explain why I haven’t submitted anything to the Carnival of Liberty. Go visit, read, and ponder. The rights they are addressing are your own. For that matter, check out all the folks under the Life, Liberty, Property banner on the right hand column, they have gathered together, united in common cause, our “Bill of Rights” are just that…”OURS”!!!. They are not something to be cavalierly rescinded by the capriciousness of the State. they were never “the State’s” to begin with!!
The newest addition (again, on the right hand side) is the Union Jack. In these times which try men’s souls, anything to let our cousins across the sea know we stand with them shoulder to shoulder against such evil as exists in the world…if only by showing the colors. Until further notice, their flag shall fly!


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