Hello Washington DC, May We Have Our Constitution Back?

Eric has been a busy guy. Not only with his home on the web, here, but with his yeoman work in getting things started on the Life Liberty & Property community. This last endeavor came about because of the untimely death of the Fifth Amendment, and is well worth checking out.
Eric voices his concerns about the many voices out there, and whether or not we can work together to take back this country of ours. In Hanging Together or Hanging Separately, he makes a number of good points while raising a few questions. So, in the spirit of his post, here are my feelings regarding what should be, could be, done in order to take back what is ours, while still remaining a viable national entity. And at least for our group (though I feel it goes much wider then just “us”), the big 800lb gorilla…how much government is too much, or not enough?
Where most folks get stuck in the muck, is arriving at a common consensus as to what, and then, how much government is needed in order to have the best functioning society possible. Too much government (and assuming the increased governmental control would follow), leads to loss of individual control, and loss of liberties, whether the overall population was willing to give it up or not. And getting the government (any government) to relinquish power, ill gotten or not, is next to impossible.
Too little government, though many would welcome this, realistically results in nothing more then city states (if that) at best. More likely, human nature being human nature, you’ll wind up with somebody (or somebodies) banding together to bring about some sort of force in which to control the area or peoples with no (or little) government. If this doesn’t come from internal sources, it will surely come from outside agents.
What would I like to see:
1. The smallest amount of government which effectively allows for the country to exist as a viable force in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world.
2. On the domestic side, minimal government interference in our daily affairs. With more (much more) responsibility and accountability returned to the individual.
3. A massive simplification of ALL existing laws. And removing as many from the books (at all levels of government) as possible. This is why I’m not for making another law or amendment to counter “Kelo”. I would much rather return to the original intent and guidelines set up in the Constitution, and religiously follow that.
4. Get rid of any member of the government(all branches, all levels) who is/are unable or unwilling to follow the above. To my way of thinking, if you keep it simple, straight forward, and in plain concise language, then you won’t need nearly as many lawyers trying to figure out “what *is* is”. And you won’t have judges at any level making law, they will be applying the law to any given case or charges in front of them.
In short, though still not perfect, the Constitution as originally set up, is about as close as we’re going to get to a respectable, reasonable, balancing between individual rights, state’s rights, and still have some sort of national government/entity in place. In this day and age, in order to survive and continue to experience the standard of living we have, we need to be some sort of “United States”, anything less will have problems down the road (though this may happen anyhow if current political and social / cultural trends continue…but that is for another day).



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9 responses to “Hello Washington DC, May We Have Our Constitution Back?

  1. Simplifying law. how about this:
    1. Thou shalt not kill.
    2. Thou shalt not steal.
    Do we need anything more than that?

  2. Oh, perhaps:
    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

  3. Well, our rule of law is at least partially based on the commandments. RAH had an interesting bit about going back to them, or something very much like that…a straight across the board eye for an eye set up. Very harsh but seemed to work.

  4. A nice thought but how?
    Perhaps it would take something like an amendment to the Constitution applying strict limits to government in response to a decision like Kelo to focus people’s attention on the Constitution and what it actually says.

  5. I am not really sure, but perhaps if enough of us who have at least read the Constitution would put pressure on those we’ve elected to follow it….that would be a good start.
    I have no problem with legislation enacted with the end result being an amendment to the Constitution. After all there have been additions over the years. Where I do have a concern, is when law is enacted to rectify something which can be taken care of by following the Constitutional guidelines already in place. The Senate has the right/responsibility to call the justices on the carpet for their willful disregard of not only the Constitution (specifically in this case, the fifth amendment), and their individual failure to honor the oath they took when ascending to the highest court in the land. Certainly if nothing else their actions would fall under “high crimes and misdemeanors”. I will go this far, if after this action is taken, the end result is said justices are still setting on the bench, then yes, we have little choice but to seek redress via (a new) amendment….but the precedent that sets…I have a bad feeling about it.

  6. Carnival of Liberty III

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  7. Carnival of Liberty III

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    This is the third Carnival of Liberty, and so far the Carnival seems to be doing quite well. The range of people posting and the number and quality of the posts is definitely everything Quincy and I co…

  8. Wilhelm Mboto

    What about the Raich ruling by SCOTUS?
    Isn’t a marijuana plant which you grow in YOUR home, YOUR PROPERTY? Due to their over zealous hatred of the “hippie/yippie” culture, Rivrdog and other so-called conservatives have seriously missed the BIG Government repercussions of this over-reaching decision.
    You’ve been duped folks, and it will indeed bite you in the ass!

  9. Wilhelm,
    I will admit SCOTUS dropped the ball on that one too. But with the exception of a few people, who have this on the center of their “agenda plate”, it is of little interest to the rest of the public at large. However, the effective *killing* of the fifth amendment, strikes a basic cord within almost all Americans. That cord would be their right to own property, and to be secure in the knowledge it is theirs to do with as they will. A much broader base with which to work with…to address the major concerns many of us have with the courts, and government in general.
    As to what Riverdog may or may not have missed, or whether or not *we* have been duped….the jury is still out on that. And as to conservatives having problems with “the hippie/yippie culture”, you might try asking the man directly. Being this is a conservative site for the most part, you also might want to stick to the topic at hand…and leave the extra commentary out of it….or you will be dismissed from the site…tis your only warning.

    Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
    Groucho Marx

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