Them or Us

If you have read my rants over the last year, it is not hard to figure out I am for a (very) strong defense, an Israel free of the threat of constant attack from within and without (Read that as NO Palestinian state, and especially one which takes land away from Israel, with out some concessions by other bordering nations, until they start acting like adults and not petulant children…but that is a rant for another day). And, unless they come forward in very short order, I refer to the “Mythical Moderate Muslim” ™ here, two things should happen to Muslims/Islamists across the board. The whole lot of them should be systematically profiled and watched in this country, and in areas where we actively engage in fighting terrorists and their ilk, there should be no quarter asked or taken. In other words, We need to tell the followers of the Koran you have *X* amount of time to get your act together. Tell us where the fanatics, rabble, and evil is hiding within your ranks, so we can remove same, do it yourself (to our satisfaction, or face having the hammer fall equally on you as well. We are either fighting for our existence as a civilization, or we are not. War shouldn’t be entered into or taken lightly, but once choosing said path, follow through.
We need to smash Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia (ok, work with the Saudis, they at least are taking some measures…but we need to keep their feet to the fire). Go through Iraq with a fine tooth comb and “remove with extreme prejudice” (there’s a rare example of something bordering on being politically correct…which I like the tone of), any and all who aide or abet terrorists. The same goes for Islamic enclaves in Asia and the Pacific rim nations (Indonesia, Philippines, etc).
As for North Korea, and our *friends* the ChiComs….that the logistics for them are different, does not excuse us from addressing the real intentions both these nations have espoused, often times out in the open. In the case of N. Korea, they claim they want to be a player on the worlds geopolitical stage…..they’re much closer to a petulant child who should have been taken out behind the woodshed…this realization (on our part, an to a lesser extent the UN/world community at large) comes a tad too late, as they now have a *loaded gun* and are willing to make more, selling to the highest bidder. And claim they will use same against us if we try to physically stop them.
With China, we can (try to) play the same game with them as we did with the former USSR, but one wonders if we will achieve the same success. The Chinese have always gone with their own agenda. If we fail to realize that, and plan accordingly, we will find learning to speak Mandarin is not an option…but a requirement at some future point in time. Certainly we should work toward promoting the growth of capitalism within China, and the expansion of basic human rights, most notably in the areas of speech and freedom of information. On the other hand, we have a moral (if nothing else) obligation toward our friends and allies in that part of the world. Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea. Even Australia and New Zeland will not be exempt from future expansionist efforts from China, as they seek to become the dominate political and economic force on the Asian side of the pacific rim.
Think I am blowing smoke? Check out current and future developments regarding Chinese Navy/Naval forces. They are actively developing ships and equipment allowing them to become a legitimate *blue water Navy*, vice their traditional roll as a coastal littoral force. There is no reason to do this other then to project one’s presence far beyond the shores of one’s own country. This is done to effect political and economic change via what used to be called *gunboat diplomacy* , or what we in the Navy (more recently) used to call *power projection*. The Chinese, have the resources (or seek to acquire and control same) to become the next legitimate super power…and have no qualms in becoming same. At best this would give them parity with the US, at worst we will (one way or another) no longer exist as anything close to what we are today. What is most important to remember, is the Chinese could care less what happens to us, as long as they ascend to the top of the global food chain.
If this makes me sound xenophobic, (and you would be mistaken) then so be it. The fact is, we didn’t (*we* being western man) start or place the current state of geopolitical affairs in motion which we find ourselves embroiled in now. We need to address all these threats honestly, with out political correctness, sophistry, or rose colored glasses. If we can realistically defuse and eliminate them with other actions short of all out war then so be it. But if (and we have at least started down this road with regards to the WoT) war is the chosen course of action, with the end result being the elimination of *them* or *us*, then we had better stop half stepping and damn sure finish it. Or one way or another we will eventually cease to exist as a civilization.


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    Notes from here and there, having now read every new entry in the RINO and LLP community, as well as my regular blogreading.

    BTW, I have what I think is a good article comparing Christian history to Islamic history going to post here Monda…

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