A Closer Look

I wanted to do something in the last post…but it didn’t happen. As posts are often want to do, it had a mind of it’s own, and went merrily along on it’s own separate way.
Those of us, of conservative bent, or who tend to see things as “black and white” when it comes to our take on matters constitutional, societal, defense of the nation, and the “American way of life” ™ , usually say things and or make statements causing progressives, liberals, statists, and assorted moonbats out there, to have major cases of “the vapors”. The current (and ongoing) anti-Islamic fervor is no exception.
I have not been quiet on my expressing my anger toward those who seek to destroy my country if given the opportunity to do so. Indeed invective used in espousing my feelings toward the followers of “The Religion of Peace” ™ is quite possibly as high as it has ever been….with the exception of my rants on the left’s favorite Vietnam vet, John “The ‘D’ in my grade point average stands for ‘Determined’ “Kerry. None the less there is more to this than meets the eye.
You see, I used to work for the Kuwaiti Officer in charge of their F/A18 procurement program, in the Washington, DC area. It was a “contracted” job, and lasted for about six months. Not, to go into details of the job, as that is not the point, but many of my daily dealings put me in constant touch with those of the Muslim faith. As far as I know, these were people looking to do the best they could for not only themselves, but for their country, in the carrying out of their duties and jobs. To the best of my recollection there was not any overt “racism” (don’t know what else would be the equivalent….of reacting/referring to “us infidels”) as there were numerous times when conversations were held in their native tongue, and being unfamiliar with same, I was left out of the mix so to speak. Many a time, I entered the outer foyer of their mosque in the performance of my duties. And again, was at worst treated with indifference (as would befit minor staff personnel), at best was greeted with a hearty hello. As with any group of folks, there appeared to be the usual mix of good, bad, and indifferent people. In short, all in all I did not come away with a negative experience. This was well before 9/11.
This experience is what makes it so hard for me to understand why there hasn’t been an outpouring of Muslims decrying what is being done, in their faiths name, but the so called radical sections…the Wahabists in particular…but their are other off shoots as well. I can’t for the life of me understand why, at least a few of these people wouldn’t be calling out for change with in not only their religion, but in their fellow so called moderate or “pro western” Arab and Muslim nations in actively seeking the destruction of the cancer within their midst. Are they scared? Are their hands collectively tied (and why or by whom?)? Or is there something more insidious going on here. That even the so called moderates though abhorring the evil and violence done by the militant Islamists, they, in their heart of hearts, give tacit approval for their actions. And if so, is this due to envy, jealousy, toward (for) the seeming unlimited wealth, political and military strength, of the western powers…specifically the United States?
Part of me wants to take the fight directly to those who seek to hasten our end….and include all of this faith. Because with few exceptions (and they *are out there*) there has been precious few who have publicly stood up to be counted in denouncing the evil within the ranks of Islam. And I really wonder if those with whom I came in contact with those many years back, were really our friends (in the geo political sense), and would have honestly wanted to develop a friendship with Americans in general. Or if we were being duped. I hope not. I hope they are as disgusted about this as any man or woman with a conscience should be. And I hope that soon….very soon… they find their respective voices…time is quickly running out…and a large part of the American public has all but run out of patience with all folks of this faith. Just as we need to stand up and be counted in not only the WoT, but the ever worsening war for the heart and soul of the American spirit. So to do those of the Muslim faith need to make hard choices as to where their loyalties lie. The clock is ticking, and the alarm due to sound in very short order.


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