Fatawah Cheese

Things seem to be going pretty hot and heavy on the ol’ net these days. What with politics, exotic interpretations of the Constitution, and lately even bloggers having fatawah’s issued against them (whose legitimacy was confirmed by the FBI). The resulting fallout from the last can be seen at any number of blogsites out there.
Jim at Smoke On The Water takes the ball, and runs with it quite well.
Harbor Master, and Roustabout Riverdog, takes wordsmithing to new levels in his take on the missionary techniques of the “Religion of Peace” ™ .
Everyone’s favorite Rottweiler, Emperor Misha, looks at this from a somewhat different angle, along the lines of “Who Does a Guy Have to Fuck to Get a Fatwah in This Town?” His somewhat tongue in cheek response, none the less, shows his stout heart, and willingness to stand by a fellow blogger when faced with a potential threat. At the same time taking some of the bluster out of the sails of those to whom acts of cowardice are standard operating procedure.
There are many others, Kim Du Toit, Eric at Eric’s Grumbles Before The Grave, and KisP keeper of the flame, SondraK makes note of it as well. There are more, many more. I think this has hit a nerve. And today, Chris provides commentary on the whole situation. What is really behind his stance, and to my mind, why it should be important to every freedom loving American out there. Check it out.


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