The LLP, The Alliance, and Being Cute

As both my readers have noticed by now, there have been some additions to “the rolls” on both sides of the page. Eric, as mentioned in these parts earlier, has recently set up a community, Life, Liberty, Property, whose main thrust is in giving an outlet to the SCOTUS -ing* of the Fifth Amendment. (*There, I just created a new word…feel free to use it…but remember where youse got it from *grin*.) The community has grown over the past weeks, and I am honored to be part of the group…check any of the fellow travelers out…an eclectic group…but well worth the read.
The other (and newest addition) is my bit of Naval lint has been added to the ranks of “The Alliance”. I thought about this over the past year, for their reason for existing seemed (at the time) somewhat harsh. Surely, the good Professor Reynolds would at some point or another see fit to grace my digs with an “instalanch” ™ © . If only for my rendering of the ultimate in lawn grooming equipment :

…but, it was not to be. Even “the Rott” has honored me on occasion. If the good Emperor Misha, in his benevolence, can find time to toss crumbs to his minions, you would think Reynolds, while looking down from his academic ivory tower, could occasionally stop looking at the co-eds, and toss a crumb to the peasants.
So, with more then a year under my belt, I tossed the Reynolds colored glasses aside…and the truth set me free. I read, nay, inhaled the words of goodness and light over at the archives of The Alliance. Thanks for taking me on board, but does the initiation really require me to memorize the complete gift list(s), at all establishments FrankJ and SaraK are registered at? And, Harvey’s complete stack of 3×5 cards he uses as his mixology guide?
Last but certainly not least, I have been uniquely honored, by one of the younger but feisty and full of promise for the future generation, bloggers out there. “The Kate” has been around for awhile now, and is always a pleasure to read. She is always questioning, looking at the world around her world, and trying to make sense of it all. Her blog “The Running Conservative”, is always a daily stop…..check it out. You will note I have a new *button* on the right hand side of the blog…it seems Kate thinks for some unknown reason, I am cute, and as such have qualified to be this months *Cute Person of The Month* (CPOTM). I think she just hasn’t seen the gray hair and wrinkles….and as anyone who has met her knows, she is far, far, cuter then I.



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3 responses to “The LLP, The Alliance, and Being Cute

  1. Cute Person of the Month, huh? Congrats!
    Closest that I’ve ever gotten is Dumb Bastard of the Year!
    BTW: Where’d you get the picture of my mower? 🙂

  2. well, you weren’t using it…so I thought I would take ‘er for a spin….darn thing headed right for my place…via Union Street Station, and The Cave *grin*.

  3. Grass Chopper

    This is undoubtedly the ultimate in lawn care equipment. [Via Snugg Harbor]…

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