A Quick Note

No, I have not gone quietly into the night. Due to an obligation or two, and being less then hale and hearty, posting has been non-existent over the past week. I hope for this to change in short order.
1. There is a post in the works for here. Perhaps more then one as I had a *nice little chat* with a solicitor from the RNC, over the phone, last night. I think his ears are still burning.
2. Mike, over at The Cigar Intelligence Agency, is back on the net air waves. He has the best in country, jazz, blues, classic rock, and other surprises here.
3 My Friends at American Dinosaur, have moved into their new digs at Munu. Two others, A Sailor In The Desert and The Steiner Aid are almost set up or progressing toward that goal, as well.
So there is the current “word of the day” from the Harbor. Shall be posting soon, sorry for the unexpected break in the action.


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One response to “A Quick Note

  1. Guy;
    Hope things are improving.
    Just went by to check on Deb’s site and … it’s down? Has she hung it up for good? ::boo-hoo::
    Hope the ‘sphere doesn’t lose BOTH of you!

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