May You Live In Interesting Times

“May you live in interesting times.”
–old Chinese curse

Over the past almost four years we have indeed been living in “interesting times”. Not to much you can do, in the short term to change what fate, or happenstance, tosses your way. As a nation, the threat was, if only for a moment, recognized for what it was. The President put the world on notice, “Either you are with us or against us.” there was no middle ground. Great Britain, Spain (at that time), and Italy, were the only European nations of note standing with the US in addressing the threat against not only America but all of Western Civilization. This small (comparatively speaking) group of nations banding together with America, “the coalition of the willing”, are all that stand between us and a new dark age descending upon the world.
The cost in not cheap, but markedly lower then it has ever been in the history of armed conflict. And we are meeting with some success, Iraq has the potential in becoming that rarest of things…an open society in the middle east. Still terror and stagnant ideas / ideals make camp in that region of the world. Iran, chafes under the collar of a theocratic regime, and pose a very real military threat to not only the middle east, but to the world, as they progress toward harnessing the nuclear Gennie. Syria, yet another dictatorial country, adds to the mischief in the region, not only in allowing for agents of terror to cross it’s borders with impunity, but in seeking to destabilize Lebanon, along with doing what it can to bring Israel to it’s knees.
Aside from the radical Islamists, there are others who would like nothing more then to see the West, and especially, the United States, brought to our knees. Almost a world away, North Korea, on almost a daily basis, tweaks the nose of those in the Pacific rim who dare to try and de-fang that rogue state of it’s alleged nuclear capability and it’s exportation of major weapons of war. Then there is the “eight hundred pound gorilla in the room”. The one nation which, outside of radical Islam, should give us the greatest cause for alarm, and the one we seem to consistently keep our heads in the sand about, Communist China.

China is quickly and quietly progressing forward to becoming a global Superpower in every sense of that word. And for the most part, we sit passively by and let it happen. This is done at our peril. As many voices in this country seek to use appeasement and diplomatic nuances to control and contain the Chinese, they fall pray to the very same errors in judgement, which could allow for Islam to become the dominate force throughout the rest of the civilized world. The Chinese, much like the followers of Islam, see appeasement and nuance as a sign of weakness, not strength. They see political offers of concessions…without the very real backing up of same with credible force, as nothing more then stupidit, corruption, and weekness (not that they wouldn’t take advantage of same..remember what they did with Carter and Clinton).
The reason I mentioned the fight against terror earlier on, was to show, in the end, when men of good will directly face and address evil, it is noticed. And not by just our allies. Those who would seek to dominate, force their will and ideals on the world are well aware having America as a determined adversary could see their dream of domination come to an abrupt end. And China is very much one of those who seeks to be, if not “the leading power” in the world, at least equal to whom ever is wearing that mantle.
For now, China seeks to be the dominate force in their part of the world. And aside from Japan, Australia (and to a lesser extent South Korea and Taiwan), we are the only country who can exert any direct pressure on them to contain their expansionist plains….for the time being. They have the manpower, are quickly acquiring (by any means possible) the technology, have the political will and desire, and have always had the patients to wait out adversaries, in order to achieve their ends. It is not inconceivable the Chinese would quietly (seek to) allow agents of terror to ply their trade through out the rest of the world, hoping for the draining of manpower, equipment, and to some extent, national will toward continuing our fight, all the while building their own forces. Would we have the ability to face them in a showdown for, say Taiwan? As we place more and more of our eggs in the basket of “force multipliers”, while at the same time seeing our manpower levels shrink, let alone the very real chance our government could swing to the left in a few short years, causing our foreign policy to change radically. Yes, China need only continue to build, plan, and wait.
The Chinese curse is all too true. Our times are interesting. How we elect to act and react to interesting events at home and abroad, will dictate which of our two countries is the real benefactor of this curse.



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5 responses to “May You Live In Interesting Times

  1. I won’t worry about the Chinese until they decide that the wheat fields of Canada aren’t sufficient and head south toward my precious Iowa.

  2. I am one that sincerely believes that there is no in between on the war on the terrorists and that if people are not part of the solution they are part of the problem! I have no use for the quasi-socialists who by their rabid anti-USA government vile,anti-war protests, and ideas of pacifiscism are abetting the terrorists and encouraging them in their efforts to get the great Satan. These America haters have joined forces with the Islamic terrorists who would just as soon cut off their heads as they would yours or mine.
    The Chinese have a long history of having patience. We of the occident seldom plan beyound our current generation while the Oriental will plan for a goal that will take a couple of centuries to attain. I have no doubt that the communist government has plans for world supremacy. However, the Chinese people may not! Capitalism has a way of changing values and a lot of the rumbling from the Chinese government may well be a way of covering domestic stirrings. There is something about having a few extra bucks at the end of the week that gives this feeling of indepedence and I think the Chinese people are starting to feel that independence.
    Appreciate you visiting my site and your comments. I do get on a rant sometimes and use up too much of peoples room. GUYK

  3. “Aside from the radical Islamists, there are others who would like nothing more then to see the West, and especially, the United States, brought to our knees”
    Until I read the rest of the article I thought you were going to say, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Socialist Party, I mean, Democratic party.

  4. Bob, you may have less time to worry about that, then you know….remember how efficient the Communist Russians were at meeting their agricultural needs? And there are a whole lot more Chinese then there were Russians.
    GuyK, Interesting thought about the Chinese people and the rise of personal income with the advent of capitalistic outlets. This train of thought has been around since the days of Nixon and Kissinger. And there may be a kernel of truth in there. But there has also always been a strong feeling of nationalism within China….and if they can also become a major (if not *the* major) player on the world stage, I think that will be something the Chinese people would for the most part rally behind.
    TF, yes, we have a number of elected officials in this country who would like nothing better than to see an America that is nothing more then a statist *utopia*. And they will do whatever it takes to become the party in power….even what should be considered treasonable acts, while our nation is on a war footing.

  5. You’re preaching to the choir here, Guy, I’m among the converted!
    For years I’ve tried to spread the word about the threat of Communist China. They have been, after all, waging war against the US for years…not militarily, but economically. While we continually grant them “most favored” trade status, they flood our markets with overpriced goods of shoddy quality, and our shores with illegal immigrants. When one thinks of illegal aliens, one normally thinks of Mexico, but trust me, based on what I’ve learned from an uncle who is a retired Border Patrol Agent, China is the worse threat.
    Illegal immigrants from China arrive in this country by the container-load on Chinese-flagged “merchant” ships. Here’s a hint for you. China has no “merchant” ships, every Chinese-flagged vessel is operated and manned by the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).
    Been out on the west coast lately? China is PURCHASING America, one acre of land and one mom-and-pop business at a time.
    And we sit idly by.

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