“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” -Franklin D Roosevelt

Today President Bush has appointed John Bolton as the newest ambassador to the UN. And as expected, the liberals and their lap dog, the liberal media have their knickers in a knot. No big surprise here. About time we had someone in that cesspool who was rock solid…haven’t had a person of that caliber since Dr. Kirkpatrick.
Senate Dems along with their congressional cronies, continue in attempts to torpedo the current administration’s proposed programs, agenda’s, and appointments.
Terror groups continue to ply their deadly trade across the globe….many allied with Islam (or at least the Wahhabi’s sect of same), though militant factions of any state, ideology, or particular cause, will gravitate toward this kind of violence, if their logic is flawed and their passion is high enough.
The continent of Africa continues to be embroiled in civil war after civil war, as either corrupt leaders seek to tighten their reigns at the expense of their peoples…or once again, Islam seeks to gain control of yet another country or peoples.
Third rate nations attempt to develop nuclear capabilities, for their own use in gaining a larger portion of regional control, or exporting this technology to others…or both.
Minority groups who seek greater levels of acceptance by society…looking to become part of the status quo.
What is the one thing all the above have in common? Look at the quote at beginning of this entry. It’s fear.
Now fear is an honest emotion….and can, when reacted to properly, indeed save ones life. But we have gone far beyond the fight or flight response in our actions and reactions to fear.

In days gone by….if you had a concern with someone…you could suggest a solution which might be acceptable to both parties to resolve potential conflict. And if that worked fine. But it would be just as likely, immediate action (the drawing of swords, pistols, a gloved challenge to a dual, a quick punch to the gut or jaw) would be used to resolve things. And this was not looked at as an unacceptable solution…depending on what might have prompted it.
But people who would have in many cases taken the *flight* option in any of the above situations, found over time, that there was another way….they could get a lawyer and fightback that way….in effect using the lawyer as their *second* if you will, to fight when they couldn’t or more importantly wouldn’t stand up directly for themselves. They feared direct confrontation.
The political actions…most notably of the Democratic Party, and it’s own brand of useful idiots, has their own fear….of not only being ineffectual in the implementation of their ideas via constitutionally approved methods….but recently realizing their very political platform weakens with each passing election. They pose and posture, rant and rave, constantly attack a sitting President during time of war, with words and actions at times bordering on treason. They do this out of fear. Fear of loosing their position(s) and power. Fear of loosing their relevancy. Fear of seeing their ideology placed in the dustbin of history.
This also applies to the those who elect to use terror or terrorism as the main tool in advancing their *ism* on the society or societies they seek to control. It is the last refuge of a scandal. Their ideas or ideals would normally not be accepted by the mainstream of the society they seek to control. But their fear of becoming nothing more then a historical footnote (at best) pushes them to this level (One wonders how much longer it will be before we see activist liberals, statists, and Democrats in this country, fall to this level.).
And even the current administration, it could be argued, is not above fear. The great battle we are involved in around the world, demands we provide a strong and forceful presence with in the halls of that cesspool of corruption, the UN. To at least a minor extent, we fear being doubledealed by not only our enemies (which is to be expected) but our so called friends and allies as well. To insure our aims and objectives are presented with clarity…leaving no doubt where we stand on any given issue. And leaving no wiggle room for those who would try to nuance their way out of letting us know exactly where they stand.
Fear, it governs all of us to some extent or another. Our actions or lack of same are ultimately dictated by same. The market for your job or skill shrinks….or the company you work for, is looking to *downsize*…you may have always tried to give, and do, your level best on the job….but the fear of loosing same may either push you to greater heights and or may also cause you to update your resume, or even return to school to increase your knowledge base…and potential employability.
Fear….Roosevelt so eloquently nailed it some 60 years ago. And it is no less true today. We are fearful of where and when the next attack will take place on these shores….for we are no longer (if we really ever were) immune from evil which is generated across the sea. We are after all only human….and it is in all of our natures to fear one thing or another. What makes the real difference is how we seek to resolve these fears. Do we elect to take the submissive roll, choosing to have the state dictate to us, what is our roll in life, what is to be the acceptable limits to our societal interactions, what should we expect to receive once reaching retirement age (whatever age the state dictates, btw), how much health coverage do we get, and so on. Or do we stand up as men, holding on to our individual liberties…there may (at any given time) be a wolf at the door, but with confidence in our preparations to meet that, or any other threat head on, we face our fear(s) directly. And in doing so, become all the stronger for it.



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3 responses to “Fear

  1. RedFalcon

    Good stuff!
    I fear most won’t get the intended message. *pun intended*

  2. I don’t know if Bolton is the man for the job or not. But I do know that the liberal left doesn’t like him and that is a big plus for Bolton in my view.
    The UN needs shaking up and if Bolton can shake it up more power to him. No doubt he has the backing of the president. However, this type of appointment might lose him some congressional backing, but so what? The republicans are fast splitting into fringe groups and unless they can pull their act together they will soon be as disorganized as the donks. MSM has blasted the administration and twisted the Iraqi news to the point that people are starting to believe what they here. The adage of ” a lie told often enough will eventually be belived by both the teller and the listener” is proving to be a fact.
    Off subject but their is a good article on Iraq at Winds of Change.

  3. Though I agree that we need someone more abrassive at the UN, I prefer someone with the people herding skills needed to guide the others the way we want. It is more efficient if you can convince them to go the right way than it is to push them the right way. A person with true wit could finally get France off the security council and make the french happy about it. (I’ve known a few salesmen who could probably do it.)

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